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PTFE Capsule Filters 0.2 Micron Air Filter Tri-Clamp Capsule Filters

The hydrophobic PTFE capsule filter has a wide range of chemical compatibility and high thermal stability, and is specially used to filter compressed air/gas, exhaust air and corrosive chemical solutions, including acids, alkalis, solvents, photoresists, etc.
  • PTFE Capsule Filters


Product Description

PTFE Capsule Filters

The hydrophobic PTFE sterilization grade 0.2um filter capsule is a highly retained hydrophobic membrane designed for the sterilization of critical liquids and gases. Hydrophobic PTFE filter media can provide extremely high air flow rates at low pressure differentials. Natural hydrophobic membranes can also provide a high degree of filter integrity and long life during high temperature exhaust applications and repeated steaming. The PTFE membrane with a specially designed high-temperature structure provides excellent chemical compatibility and excellent flow per unit area for in-situ steam and hot gas applications.

Integrity test hydrophobic filter

The hydrophobic membrane can be used as an air filter, usually as a ventilation filter. These protect the contents of tanks or other containers from contamination by air entering or leaving them as a result of adding or removing their stored liquid. The concern is that water may stay in the membrane due to splashing, bubbling, or even condensation of water vapor. Liquid water may hinder the passage of air and may cause the water tank to collapse when the water is discharged; in addition, water promotes the growth of microorganisms. There is a strong need to avoid the resulting pollution.

The prescription for this situation is to deny the presence of moisture. This can be done for hydrophilic filters that use electric heating or steam jacketed filter housings. The temperature rises above the dew point of the ambient air. Usually, steam at a pressure of 1/3 bar (5 psi) is sufficient. Unfortunately, long-term air passing through this heating device can cause oxidative degradation of certain filter element components (such as polypropylene), and may also oxidatively degrade the microporous membrane itself, depending on its composition.

Fluorinated polymers are relatively difficult to oxidize; polytetrafluoroethylene is extremely so, polyvinylidene fluoride is slightly inferior. This is why these polymers are so widely used in air filtration environments. The greater hydrophobicity of PTFE provides significant advantages.

Industrial application

  • Sterilization grade ventilation filter for tank ventilation and product.

  • Compressed air filtration (sterile air)

  • Sterilization filtration of fermentation intake and exhaust

  • Bioreactor inlet and outlet gas filtration

  • Sterile air filtration on blow molding, filling and sealing machines

  • Sterile ventilation of containers and large bottles

  • Autoclave vacuum destruction line

  • Aseptic ventilation of the lyophilizer

  • Sterile process gas filtration

  • Disinfect alcohol flow

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Features and advantages

  • High void volume

  • High airflow at low pressure drop

  • Long steam cycle life and long service life

  • The highest hydrophobicity of the membrane

  • Complete integrity test can be performed through water intrusion, bubble point or diffusion flow test to ensure integrity and reliability.

  • Passed bacterial retention test (B. Diminuta) and aerosol phage challenge verification

  • The capsule filter is available in two forms, gamma compatible and sterile, and does not require cleaning and cleaning verification steps related to the stainless steel housing, thereby maximizing ease of use.

Technical Specification

Membrane Double layer hydrophilic PTFE
Support and Drainage Layers Polypropylene, oxidation resistant
Core, Cage, End Caps Polypropylene, oxidation resistant
Adapters Polymeric, encapsulated in oxygen-resistant polypropylene
Sealing Technology Thermal Bonding without any Adhesives
O-Rings Sillicone,EPDM, Viton, Fluroelastomer, Buna M, Teflon Encapsulated Viton
Effective Filtration Area 7 ft² (0.65m²) per 10'' cartridge element
Available Micron Rating 0.1um, 0.2um (0.01um in a gas), 0.45um,0.65um,1.0um, 3.0um,5um and 0.01um

Nominal Dimension

Lengths 5'' (13cm) , 10'' (25cm), 20''(50cm), 30'' (76cm)
Diameter 2.75'' (70mm)

Operating Parameter

Maximum Differential Pressure (Forward Direction) 5 bar (80 psi) @ 25°C (77 °F), 1.8 bar (24.6 psi) @ 80 °C (176 °F)
Maximum Differential Pressure (Reverse Direction) 2 bar (65psi) @ 25 °C (77 °F)

Effective filtration area

SIZES (INCH) Filtration Area
1.5’’ 1.4 ft²
2.5’’ 2.9 ft²
5’’ 5.8 ft²
10’’ 0.69 ft²

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