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One Set of 7 BBL Steam Heating Brewing System for Sale

7BBL brewing system produced by us is a set of technological equipment for the production of "live" and filtered beer. Brew master make their beer attractive to consumers by unique brewing process and distinctive beer taste. If desired, they can be placed directly in places of consumption of beer: restaurants, pub, bars, hotels, tourist and shopping centers. Also, the microbrewery is placed behind a glass partition that allows visitors to observe the process of making beer. This is an excellent design solution interior and a powerful marketing tool.
  • DG-7 BBL


Product Description

7 BBL Brewing System

  • Grain Milling Unit [300~500kg/hr]

  • Flexible Auger, 600L Grist silo

  • 7BBL 2-vessel steam heating brewhouse with 7BBL hot liquor tank

  • 7BBL beer fermenters*6

  • 14BBL Glycol cooling unit, 10HP glycol chiller

  • Brewhouse control cabinet/Fermentation control cabinet

  • 100L CIP Cleaning Cart.

Mill system

1. Malt Crusher : Crushing output: 300kg/h ;

2. Crushing effect : the skin is broken but not broken, the roller type; the motor, pulley and belt are matched;

3. Motor power : 1.1kW

Saccharification system

1. Mash/lauter tank+ kettle/whirlpool tank + hot water tank :

  • Dimensions: φ1300×2300; Total volume 9BBL, effective volume 7BBL; Dimensions of hot water tank: φ1300×2300; Total volume 9BBL, effective volume 7BBL;

  • The thickness of the insulation layer is 80mm; the thickness of the inner tank is 3mm, and the outer shell is 2mm oil-grinding wire drawing board;

2. Saccharification wort pump :

  • Wort or mash conveying capacity: 3m 3 /h;

  • Stainless steel sanitary conveying pump, voltage power: 380V, 0.75kW , frequency conversion speed regulation;

  • Head : 18m;

3. Plate heat exchanger : heat exchange area: 12㎡; double-section 6-lead, external dimension: 620×320×710 ;


Fermentation system

1. Beer fermentation tank :

  • Dimensions: φ1160×2230; total volume 9BBL, effective volume 7BBL;

  • The thickness of the insulation layer is 80mm ; the thickness of the inner tank: 2.5mm ;

  • The inner tank is mechanically polished, outsourced with 2mm oil-grinding wire drawing board, and the welded seam is polished and sanded;

  • Heat exchange area: 2.2m 2

2. Wort oxygenation device : It is made of 304 stainless steel finishing, no pollution dead angle, with titanium rod and sight glass, oxygenation can be seen evenly;

3. Fermentation pipeline and valve : food-grade stainless steel pipeline, argon arc welding inner protection welding without pollution dead angle, high-quality sanitary butterfly valve.

Cooling System

1.Glycol tank: Dimensions: φ1260×2000; total volume 1000L, effective volume 1240L;

2. Refrigeration unit : Air-cooled unit Refrigeration capacity: 8HP, power: 6kW/group

3. Ice water pump : flow rate 4m 3 /h lift 36m; centrifugal 220V 0.75kw to heat exchanger and fermentation tank to cool down


Control System

Control cabinet : realize the temperature display of saccharification system, automatic temperature control of fermentation system, power control, and automatic temperature control of ice water;

cleaning system

CIP cleaning : Effective volume: 100L, including 100L lye tank, sterilization tank and trolley; 

inner tank thickness: 2mm; 

outer surface oil-grinding wire drawing board, welding seam polishing belt

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