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Nylon Membrane Capsule Filter Used in Beverages And Pharmaceuticals

Nylon capsule filter has natural hydrophilicity and high retention. These nylon capsule filters are made of all propylene and are specifically designed for critical gas and liquid applications. Their composition also gives these small filter devices excellent flow per surface area and high chemical compatibility.
  • Nylon Membrane Capsule Filter


Product Description

Nylon Membrane Capsule Filter


Nylon capsule filters can be disinfected with various commonly used chemical reagents; however, acid solutions should be avoided. Capsules can be autoclaved repeatedly (121°C for 30 minutes) for up to 5 cycles.

The materials contained in the Nylon filter meet the US FDA requirements for food contact and comply with the applicable rules in 21 CFR.

The filter capsule is designed and manufactured to withstand various chemical solutions. Conditions will vary for each application, and users should carefully verify chemical compatibility.

The nylon capsule filter has a unique polyester and polypropylene structure, which can improve reliability and practicability.

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Solvents, fine chemicals, inkjet, process water, beverages, cosmetics, parts cleaning, electronic products, pharmaceuticals, biological products, dyes, paints


Membrane Naturally Hydrophilic Nylon 6
Membrane Supports Polyester Microfiber
Housing Polyester
Cage, Core, End Caps Polypropylene
End Fittings Available 1/4" Barb, 1.5" Sanitary Flange, 1/2" NPTM, 1/4" Barb, 1/4" NPTM, 3/8" Barb
Lengths Available Varies with connection style
Diameter 9 cm (3.5 in)
Max Operational Pressure 5.5 bar (80 psi) @ 21°C (70°F) in Liquid, 3.8 bar (55 psi) @ 21°C (70°F)
Max Differential Pressure 4.1 bar (60 psi) @ 21°C (70°F)
Max Operating Temperature 43°C (110°F) at 2.1 bar (30 psi)
Autoclave Up to 5 Cycles. 30 minutes @ 121°C
Flow Rate, Small <1.9 L/min (0.5 gal/min)
Flow Rate, Medium <7.5 L/min (2 gal/min)
Flow Rate, Large <15 L/min (4 gal/min)

Features and advantages

  • Easy to use, install and verify

  • No need for additional filter housing

  • A variety of lengths to choose from

  • A variety of membrane materials are available

  • A variety of interface types to choose from

  • Heat sealing without glue, adhesive or epoxy resin to ensure purity and reliability under severe conditions

  • High-purity polypropylene shell and bracket materials provide maximum chemical resistance with minimal extractables

  • Durable high-strength design, able to withstand multiple disinfection cycles

We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.


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