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New Products 2021 China Price 1000L Commercial Distillation Equipment for Gin Whisky Rum for Sale

DEGONG can design, manufacture and install distillation equipment ranging in capacities from 200L to 1000L. Still pot can be made in stainless steel, copper or a combination of both.There are a large variety of options to chose from depending on available services and the character of spirit desired. Heating can be from internal coil, external steam jacket or external water bath. Botanicals can be added to the liquid and mixed with optional mixer or vapour infused either in a basket built into the still neck column or in a separate basket. Reflux can be adjusted by lye pipe angle.
Heating method:
column plates:
  • DGET-1000L

  • DGET

  • 8438400000

Product Description

DEGONG distillation equipment main feature

  • Any size available

  • Customization service

  • Technology&drawing support

  • Swirl finish,satin finish or mirror finish

  • With beautiful appearance and high sanitary level.

  • With CE, UL,PED,TUV,ISO certificates

750 DIS-min


Distillation equipment component

Still pot with agitator

Structure:with jacket layer and insulation;

Top of pot with manway,inlet,safety valve, thermometer,pressure gauge and liquid return back hole.top with agitator can be used to distill any wash,even washes full of fruit pulp or grain mash can heated in this configuration of boiler without any risk of burning on bottom of pot.Also,by constantly agitating the wash throughout the distillation run,the distillery can save 20% on the heating required to perform the distillation.

750 DIS2-min


Goose neck

It is technically an expansion chamber,and it is usually a nearly spherical dome that sits directly on top of the boiler,it passes through a comparatively narrow passage way into the larger volumn of helmet.This results in a sudden reduction in pressure,which helps hold back higher~boiling compounds while allowing desirable aromatics and flavors to continue up the column.this is the key to producing a truly excellent spirits.

750 DIS 详情 -min


Liquor basket

glass column ,inside with red copper filter basket.


Distillation column

The vapor from the helmet rises into the column,in some still configurations, the column is mounted directly on top of the helmet.when there is no helmet,the column is mounted directly on top of boiler. In some other configurations,such as two column,the column is positioned beside the boiler, the reason is the still would stand too high for most facilities if the column were stached on top of the helmet,or even on top of the boiler. within the column are bubble cap trays, the vapor rises up the tube under the bubble caps and bubbles out from under the cap and through the standing liquid on each tray. The standing liquid overflows at a certain depth to the next tray below.



a reflux condenser at top of distillaction column that sends distillate back toward the boiler,tube type heat exchanger



Tube type heat exchanger; hot vapor are cooled and condensed into liquid.


Support base/tank

Which be put at bottom of column as CIP tank and at bottom of condenser as spirit storage tank. Inside of spirit storage tank, there also can make two small tank to storage head and tail,total 3 storage tank for head,heart and tail.

750DIS 细节-min

If you are interested in distillation equipment, get in touch with me freely.

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