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Mill Machine Stainless Steel Double Roll Malt Milling System for Sale

This product is mainly applied to malt crushing of beer production and manufacturers of pharmaceutical, monosodium glutamate. Also suitable for crushing coarse feed in feed mill of small rural and town.
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Product Description


Stainless Steel Double Roll Malt Milling System

Malt is the most expensive raw material in your beer. So to keep your cost down, you need to utilize as much of the available extract in the malt as possible.

The malt mill is absolutely critical in getting the most out of your malt. A poor choice of mill could easily see you waste 5% of your malt.Malt crushing equipment used disc-type malt mill or roller mill, powder size can be adjusted, a daily output less than 300L beer production line used disc-type malt mill, 500L or more used roller mill type. Tell us about your brewery and we'll advise you on the right malt milling and handling equipment for your needs.

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Malt mill machine feature

1-flat roller, easy for materials to access to the grinding area, and disassembly and maintenance easy.

2-the speed roller by gear transmission, so with efficiency transmission, smooth operation, low noise.

3-roller with self-aligning ball bearings to ensure accurate concentric rotation, and make sure high speed and roller pressure. 

4-high-quality steel shaft, alloy steel roller in dynamic balance, so with smooth operation and long service life.

5-The structure of the fine-tuning rollers is simple and it is easy to operate, and the locking handle convenient.

6-Cover protection structure could be required.

7-Fully enclosed structure, safe and beautiful.


750 mill-min

If you want to know more about beer brewing system, please feel free to contact me directly.

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