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Super Sound-off Industrial Glycol Chiller for Beer Cooling System Made by DEGONG

Chillers are a major contributor to cooling and regulation in large industrial, commercial and institutional sectors, and are used to reduce the temperature of various equipment. Industrial chillers are used for high-volume applications where the heat generated by air-cooled chillers can cause problems. They are also used in water coolers to cool drinking water, and can also be added to various beverages and beverages.
  • Super sound-off Glycol Chiller
Product Description

Super sound-off Glycol Chiller

Design of a glycol chiller for beer cooling

(1) Waterproof design, suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

(2) The ambient temperature of the design working condition ranges from -20C degrees to +50C degrees.

(3) Working conditions: A place with good air circulation can dissipate heat.

(4) Provide remote and local control.

(5) Shutdown-Support automatic startup function.

(6) Stainless steel inlet and outlet pipes;


Specification for beer cooling glycol cooler

Cooling capacity: 5.7kw~83.6kw

Horsepower: 5hp~50hp

Outlet temperature: -10C ~+30C, can be adjusted on the chiller control panel

Available power supply: 3PH-208V/220V/380V/415V/460V-50Hz/ 60Hz


Features of beer cooling glycol cooler

  • Brand durable scroll compressor

  • Three kinds of evaporators support different working circuits.

    A Tank with coiled tube, easy to clean

    B Shell and tube type, high efficiency

    C Brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE)

  • High-efficiency V-shaped condenser: spiral copper tube coated with aluminum fin

  • Expansion valve: Emerson

  • iron and stainless steel pumps for different options

  • The buffer tank installed in the cooler is optional

  • Built-in iron or stainless steel circulating water pump

  • Multiple protection devices: compressor internal protection, over current protection, high and low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow switch, phase sequence/phase loss protection, low coolant level protection, antifreeze protection, exhaust overheating protection


We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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