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Industrial Brewery System 50HL 100HL Beer Brewing Equipment Turnkey Commercial Brewhouse

10000L(10HL) Beer Brewing Equipment is a brewery for restaurants, commecial and industrial breweries which consist of the industrial wort brew machine and a fully equipped set of the professional beer fermentation tanks with a nominal capacity from 1000 up to 20000 liters. It's a medium-size and big-size craft brewery intended mainly for restaurants and pubs with their own beer production.
  • DG-50HL


Product Description

Industrial Brewery System

Model DG-10000
Capacity 10000L/Batch
Material SUS304
Combination Method Mash tun, Lauter tun, Boiling Kettle, whirlpool tank
Application Restaurants, bars, hotels, brewery
Heating Way Steam heating
Voltage AC380/220V, 50/60HZ
Water Consumption 40m3/Batch
Heating Area 10㎡12㎡
Lauter Tun Diameter 3400mm
Lauter Tun Height 4800mm
Mash Tun/Boiling Kettle/Whirlpool Tank Diameter 2600mm
Mash Tun/Boiling Kettle/Whirlpool Tank Height 5000mm
Degree of automation Fully automatic


Mashing system
  • 10000L Mash tun

10000L Mash tun is a vessel used in the mashing process to convert the starches in crushed grains into sugars for fermentation. Mash tuns are insulated to maintain a constant temperature. The mash tun can be single-function or can also have a false bottom and spigot so that the sparging process can be done in the same vessel. Steam jacket design will allow The systems are designed to do both decoction mashing and infusion mashing. The mashing tun/kettle is made out of stainless steel or copper.

  • 10000L Lauter tun

The 10000L lauter tun is used for filtering and clarifying the sugar liquid (called wort) out of the heated water-malt mixture (called mash) that comes from the mashing tun.

The 10000L lauter tun typically has the same capacity as the cooking tun and can also be made out of stainless steel or copper cladding. It has a design with a false bottom in stainless steel v-wire and a raking gear that has the function of an agitator, a rake and a spent gain remover. This is a very unique and helpful tool because after filtering the spent grains will be removed from the lauter tun, saving a lot of time and energy of the brewmaster. Furthermore the lauter tun can be equipped with additional accessories such as sight glasses, CIP jets for simplifying the lautering.

  • 10000L Boiling Kettle

After lautering, the beer wort is boiled with hops (and other flavourings if used) in a large tank known as a brew kettle. The boiling process is where chemical and technical reactions take place, including sterilization of the wort to remove unwanted bacteria, releasing of hop flavours, bitterness and aroma compounds through isomerization, stopping of enzymatic processes, precipitation of proteins, and concentration of the wort.

  • 10000L Whirlpool Tank

At the end of the boil, the hopped wort settles to clarify in a vessel called a "whirlpool" where there is a tangential inlet of wort. Thus, a vortex is formed when the wort is infused along the arc inside surface, so that the more solid particles in the wort are separated out. Whirlpool can happen in the kettle because there is no obstacle inside the kettle.


Features of Fermentation Tanks
  • Made of stainless food steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304)

  • Standardized dimensions and equipment, or according to individual customer requirements

  • Classic design, PUR insulation, double stainless steel jacket, water (or glycol) cooling duplicators

  • Accurate temperature control and reliable CIP are requirements to ensure a quality finished product

  • Fermenters offered with side rotating racking arms or standpipe design plus hop ports.

  • An extra tri-clamp fitting can be added for a carbonation stone if desired.

  • Cone angles can be changed to suit customer requirements.

  • Adjustable pressure valve for controlled fermentation – Overpressure setting mechanism with a glycerine manometer

  • PUR insulation – polyurethane insulation with thickness according to the size of the tank and the target environment

  • Guaranteed inner surface roughness : Ra < 0.8 μm or less (grinded surfaces) / Ra < 0.5 μm or less (polished surfaces), according to customer´s requirement

  • Service door (manhole) on the top cone or on cylinder part, according to customer requirements

  • Pure-beverage output armature with a butterfly valve for pure beverage (beer, wine, cider) output

  • Thermometer socket – welded socket for inserting of thermosensor or thermometer

  • Manometer – It is included in the set of the adjustable pressure valve. Made of stainless steel, with glycerine inside.

  • Filling level indicator – Sanitizable glass or plastic pipe for visualisation height level of the beverage product in the tank



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