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Ideal configuration and superior quality 12HL breweries equipment brewing beer equipment price list

Lowering the cost of investment, though, can take the pressure off the economy. But in the long run, I recommend that you use a higher quality and more efficient configuration. Although the upfront investment is large, it can provide you with a stable and reliable product and lay the foundation for your beer business to start. Because high quality beer equipment not only produces good beer for you, but also reduces the maintenance and repair costs of beer breweries.
brewhouse combination:
Heating method:
  • DGET-12HL


  • 8438400000

Product Description
12HL breweries equipment for opening a beer business

Starting a new business is not an easy task. You need to consider many things, such as the current market outlook for the beer, the price of the equipment used to produce the beer, and the location of the business premises. After some are done, equipment installation, operation and post-maintenance. Product output after the market feedback, in order to proceed to the next step of the plan and whether further expansion is needed.

1.Malt Crush

Choose the appropriate crushing machine according to the size of the equipment.

Usually 1200L beer equipment, we recommend 200-300kg/h and it takes within one hour to complete the crushing process.

malt millers

Grain miller according to the output of beer 

Brewhouse configuration: Mash lauter tank a+boiling whirlpool tank(+hot liquor tank)


Turnkey brewery for brewing craft beer

2. Mash

Mash is the use of various hydrolytic enzymes contained in malt to gradually decompose insoluble high molecular substances in malt into soluble low molecular substances under suitable conditions.

3. Filter

After the mash is completed, the decomposition of the macromolecular substances in the malt has been completed, and the soluble and insoluble substances that have been dissolved in the mash tank are quickly separated to obtain a clear wort.

Check the clarity of the filtered beer through the sight glass. If it is not clear enough, the filtration step will be repeated until the wort meets the requirements.

brewing vessel details-min-min

Raker,sight glass,spent grain hatch,stirred blade

4. Boiling

Heat the wort to 100°C, boil it for a while, add hops during the boiling process.

5. Whirlpool

After the wort is boiled, the whirlpool port will effectively separate the hot coagulum in the wort as soon as possible, and a clear wort has been obtained.


The wort passes through a plate heat exchanger to cool the wort to the fermentation temperature required by the process.

The cooling of wort requires a plate heat exchanger. Even if there is a cooling system for cooling, in order to reduce the power of the chiller and use a smaller cold water tank, the wort after boiling must pass through a plate heat exchanger. It is essential.


Two stage plate heat exchanger and yeast adding tank


Beer fermentation is a complex biochemical and material transformation process. The main metabolites of yeast are ethanol and carbon dioxide, but a series of fermentation by-products, such as alcohols, acids, and sulfides, are also formed. These fermentation products determine the physical and chemical properties of beer, such as flavor, foam, color and stability, and colleagues also gave beer typical characteristics.

To obtain the final beer product needs to go through the above steps, the more detailed bio-substance conversion is temporarily not studied.


Beer brewing process


First of all, starting from the crushing of malt, if you want to reduce costs, you can use a manual malt crusher instead of electric machines. This is only for small beer production.


Secondly, when the mash system does not have too strict requirements for beer production, the hot water tank can be removed, and the mash tun can be used to boil water. After boiling, part of the hot water is pumped into the boiling tun through a water pump, and part is left in the mash tun.


The pipes are connected throughout the various systems of the equipment, so reducing the length of the pipe that is a big cost reduction, Because the length of the pipeline is reduced, the requirements for the water pump will become smaller, so you can choose a wort pump and a water pump with a smaller head and a lower price.


water treatment 详情-min

If your local water quality is relatively hard, we recommend that you equip a water treatment system

The way of pipe connection should pay attention to the convenience of beer brewing and should not affect other operations.


Pay attention to the layout of the overall system, choose a location closer to the water inlet and the discharge outlet.


All these suggestions are obvious for reducing equipment costs.  We will provide you with the most reliable equipment and services with professional production experience.

DEGONG brewery project-min

Breweries project DEGONG beer equipment manufacturer 

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