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How to taste craft beer?

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Craft beer tasting has become one of the most popular leisure activities. However, to get the most out of this experience, you must know how to taste beer. Because the allure of craft beer isn’t just about taste: aroma and even texture can be the source of a great experience. Ready to become a true beer tasting expert?

Taste craft beer step by step

Do you know what the first step in tasting craft beer is? Yes, beer by the glass. To do this, you have to tilt the glass to about 45º, and as you fill it, straighten the glass until the foam is the thickness of a pair of fingers. Another important point that is sometimes overlooked is that beer should not be too cold. It is the extremely low temperature that kills the aroma and flavor hidden in craft beer. Now, let's see what the next steps are...

1- Appearance

Grab the craft beer mug in your hand and start analyzing it as if it were a police check. Explore its hues and colors, as the bubbles pass through the glass until it dies on high... Craft beer has a unique look that's easily distinguishable from industrial beers.

2- Sense of smell, tested

At this stage, you have to put your hand on the glass, cover it and shake it in a slight circular motion. So, the aroma is better perceived and you can see the foam stay level. Time to bring a craft beer to your nose and sniff it to the fullest. Try to detect different notes and guess the composition behind them. Because, you know beer masters are artists who let their imaginations run wild...you can be amazed by the many ingredients used to make craft beer!

3- Taste

The climax of craft beer tasting accompanies this stage. First, you have to take 3 sips: the first to cleanse the palate, the second to prepare for the upcoming food, and the third to start enjoying the taste. Craft beer must pass through the mouth, don't rush to swallow it. Try to detect bitterness and sweetness, as well as fruity flavors. A recommendation? Allow yourself to be carried temporarily. Close your eyes and enter a world of memories powered by the various flavor combinations that craft beer imparts to you. Enjoy and enjoy again. That moment is yours, and you must fully enjoy it.

4- Evaluation

You don't have to be a beer expert to notice the difference in flavor between when you swallow a beer and when you drink it a few minutes ago. Evaluate these differences. Do you like the taste of the beer at first or after? What was the most surprising moment for you? And, which craft beer is your favorite?

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