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How to start you own craft spirit brand.

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Before you begin the hard work, there are two really easy first steps that everyone has to do themselves when starting the journey to your own spirit brand and distillery.

Firstly, know what you like.

Set you plan to create a spirit that you love, and a brand that you are proud to share with the world. Start by talking to friends and family about what you would love to make, and what spirits and flavours you are really passionate about. If you are creating something that you are truly passionate about, it will be much easier to build the brand.

Next, have a drink! Responsibly, of course! And critically, get out there and taste and see what other people are distilling in that segment. Taste the established market leaders, and taste the new giant killer, craft brands. Don’t just enjoy a bottle with friends, get into local bars early in the week when they’re quieter, and ask the staff what they love, what their customers are asking about. This is the market research that multi-national companies pay squllions for – but remember, they need the information to get past corporate bean counters and gatekeepers. You only need to see the opportunity.

Finally, this is the most important part of the planning. After you have made a decision about what you love, seen what else is out there and evaluated their strengths and weaknesses, this is the step where almost everyone stops.


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To make the process faster, and easier, here are my ten steps to your own spirit brand and distillery:

1 – Think of your idea for a product and brand.

2 – Design your brand identity and choose the right bottle.

3 – Start distilling your product.

4 – Create your launch plan and route to market.

5 – Perfect your product.

6 – First commercial distillation.

7 – Launch it!

8 – Sell it!

9 – Keep making more.

10 – Build your own distillery!

If you’re ready to get started on your own distillation business, please contact us.

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