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Hot Sale Copper Distillation Equipment 1500L/396 Gallon Rum Whiskey Copper Alcohol Distiller

If you are a whiskey lover, you will use a still to produce the most authentic flavor profile. After all, the tank still has the oldest ancestry on the planet, and the tank distillation of whiskey, rum and brandy is one of the most popular spirits on the planet.
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Product Description

Rum Whiskey Copper Alcohol Distiller

Why use a thumper on a still

The tank distiller has the oldest ancestry on earth, and the tank distiller is one of the most popular spirits on the earth.

However, the problem here is that if the production speed is a large part of your plan, the tank still is not really the most effective tool. The main limitation is that a can can actually only extract 35% to 45% alcohol concentration from 8% to 10% beer with one distillation.

In addition, due to the inherent low efficiency of the tank distiller, the distillate obtained from a single distillation may be highly contaminated with high-boiling and low-boiling components, making the quality of the finished distillate unpleasant. For this reason, most operators choose to run the distillate a second time to produce a more desirable finished product. Of course, all of this adds up to the use of more resources to produce the most ideal canned products. That is, more heating, more cooling, especially more man-hours.


What is a thumper?

The thumper is essentially a parasitic kettle connected to the main still. The thumper is heated by the heat that has been generated to supply the main kettle. Obviously, the name of the thumper comes from the sound it makes at runtime.

Thumper or No Thumper?

The thumper setting allows for a second distillation without the need to run the distillate a second time. Depending on the design parameters, using a parasitic kettle may require more BTUs than a single distillation kettle to operate, but may not have that many BTUs compared to running two completely independent distillations. In addition, since the thumper contains a certain amount of liquid to promote another phase change cycle, heat exchange will occur within the thumper, which may reduce the cooling capacity required to cool the finished distillate.

Again, these variables will depend on the design and size of the parasite tank. However, the significant savings will be the man-hours required to make products that are more suitable for consumption.

The operator can choose to "fill" the beater with water, alcohol, or even additional flavoring ingredients that may result in the formation of additional carboxylic acids, thereby increasing the complexity of the finished wine. Similarly, the operator can also add botanicals to the thumper to produce gin. This allows operators to avoid contamination of the larger, more time-consuming and clean primary stills with vegetable oil.


1000L Spirits Copper Distillation Equipment

Enter double hit

In addition to single hammers, double hammers (or double distiller) can also be used. Like the single hammer, the double hammer further increases the ABV concentration of the finished product by stabilizing the ABV of the obtained fraction.

Perhaps the most well-known double pounding (distillation) system is the alcohol still used to make traditional Jamaican rum. In this application, one still contains low-alcohol wine and the other still contains high-quality wine. The main still contains rum. As mentioned earlier, this process helps to further increase ABV and increase the likelihood of forming the desired carboxylic acid. All this is to maintain a more stable ABV collection strength and install more complexity in the finished product. You can say that this type of arrangement adds more "rummy" to the rum.

More flexible doubles

The DEGONG double hammer (distiller) system further expands this concept by providing additional functions to allow operators greater flexibility during operation. In the system, the steam supply manifold (lyne arm) is equipped with a three-way valve at each retort, allowing the operator to bypass one or both of the retorts. This is helpful if the operator chooses to perform a more basic stripping operation or to send the steam to a completely separate distillation unit. In other words, the operator is not limited to operating the system alone as a dual distiller.

Each retort is usually also equipped with a dedicated heat input function and traditional chromatographic column connection function. This allows the distiller to use either distiller as a smaller primary still for smaller batches if needed.

Other functions can also be included. For example, a customized piping solution can be created to allow multiple product condensers, additional steam injection hardware, and even a rectification column by controlling the steam path with valves.


The following is a typical example of how to combine multiple types of distillation tools to make the most versatile distillation equipment. The following system can be configured to operate as a traditional tank distiller, single or double beater, with small columns that bring fresh taste to flavored spirits, and finally a complete distillation column for more neutral spirits .

The system is also equipped with a dedicated product condenser to reduce the need for cleaning on the rectifier side of the system. The valved manifold even allows the operator the flexibility to operate the main distillation pot and the distillation pot independently at the same time, so that each pot in the system can be used to produce completely different finished products.


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