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High Temperature High Pressure Stainless Steel Winery Special Used Metal Hose 150mm

The structure and properties of metal hoses: corrugated metal pipe is a kind of high quality flexible connecting pipe in modern industrial pipeline.It is mainly composed of metal bellows, metal mesh and various types of joints.Its inner tube is a spiral corrugated or circular corrugated stainless steel bellows.
  • 150mm Metal Winery Hoses
Product Description

150mm Metal Winery Hoses

Product name   150mm Metal Winery Hoses
  Brand DEGONG
  Inner tube   Stainless steel 304, 316 corrugated metal hose
  Outer   Stainless Steel 201, 304, 316 Braided
  Working temperature   -196 C to 460 C
  Working Pressure   0.6-6.4 Mpa
  Size   From ID 6mm -1200mm
  Application   LNG natural gas, LNG liquid-filled liquid



The corrugated metal hose has many excellent features such as good flexibility, fatigue resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It has a much higher life than other types of hoses (rubber hoses, plastic hoses).


1. Transport corrosive chemical or organic solvents. (for example: loading and unloading ammonia,

     acetone, etc.)
 2. It transports high temperature media such as high temperature gas and hot oil. (Example: hot steam,

     heat transfer oil, etc.)
 3. Transport low temperature or ultra low temperature media. (eg liquid nitrogen)
4. Conveying water, steam, oil and other media in a high temperature environment. (Example:

    water vapor system and hydraulic system in coking, steel making, continuous casting equipment)
5. Piping that requires damping or noise reduction. (eg: import and export of pumps)

Connection Type

1. Flange type

2. Threaded thread type

   (Including:   A type flat head, C type bell mouth, D type round head, H type 24 ° taper buckle)

3. Sanitary grade chuck type

4.  Quick joint type

5. Welded type


The outer layer of the bellows is made of stainless steel wire or stainless steel strip with certain parameters.The joints on both ends of the hose are prepared according to the connections of the user's pipe or equipment.
Our metal hoses are made of high quality metal materials through advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment Processed.

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