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High Shear Cosmetic Homogenizer/Mixing/Emulsifying/Dispersing Machine

Food emulsifier is a high-performance equipment used for continuous production and recycling of fine materials. There are 1-3 pairs and clutches of stators and rotors in the small chamber. Driven by the motor, the rotor rotates rapidly, generating strong axial suction and sucking the material into the cavity.
  • High Shear Cosmetic Emulsifying Homogenizer
Product Description

High Shear Cosmetic Emulsifying Homogenizer

Main technical parameter

Model Power(kw) Speed(RPM) Capacity              (L/H)
DG1-60 1.5 2800 0-1.5
DG1-100 2.2 2800 0-3
DG1-130 4 2800 0-4
DG1-140 5.5 2800 0-5
DG1-165 7.5 2800 0-8
DG1-180 11 2800 0-12
DG1-185 15 2800 0-18
DG1-200 22 2800 0-25
DG1-210 30 2800 0-35
DG1-230 45 2800 0-50
DG1-245 55 2800 0-75
DG1-260 75 2800 0-90
DG1-275 90 2800 0-110
DG1-280 132 2800 0-130


* Flow listed on the table refers to the datas measured when the medium is water, the exit pressure≤0.2Mpa of the model listed in the table.

* If have high temperature, high pressure, flammability, explosion and erosion, relevant parameters must be provided clearly for selecting customization precisely.

* For poor liquid medium, a pump which has a matching flow is suggested to feed at the inlet, input pressure≤0.2Mpa.

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  • Food emulsifier machine is a high performance equipment used for  continuous production  circulated treatment of fine material.

  • In the small chamber there are 1-3 sets of paired and clutched stators and rotor.

  • Driven by motor, the rotor revolve quickly and produces a strong axial suction force which intakes the material to the chamber.

  • The machine disperses, shears and emulsifiers the material in shortest time, and the diameter range of the particles gets smaller so that fine and stable produced.


  • Narrow particle size distribution range and high uniformity.

  • Large processing capacity, suitable for industrialized online continuous production.

  • Low noise and stable operation.

  • Energy saving, time saving and high efficiency.

  • It has the function of short-distance, low-lift conveying.

  • Eliminate differences in mass production quality.

  • There is no off-angle, and the material is 100% sheared through dispersion.

  • It can realize automatic control.

  • Simple to use and convenient to maintain.

We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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