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High Quality SS304 330*430mm 430*530mm 530*630mm Stainless Steel Sanitary Oval Pressure tank Manhole Cover Oval Manhole

The sanitary manhole is a negative pressure manhole, made of SUS304,316L, which can meet the special requirements of various media in the food and biopharmaceutical fields, and can be used in industrial fields such as dairy products, beer, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and bioengineering.Especially in industries such as food, beer, dairy, and chemical containers. The pressure vessel also adopts a quick-opening structure, which is convenient and safe to open, and has a practical and beautiful appearance.
  • 330*430mm


Product Description

The manhole oval design mainly used in food, wine, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries on the tank equipment.
◎ Size: 435 * 335,530 * 430,635 * 525
◎ Height: 75,100,120,150
◎ Inward opening manhole cover
◎ Spanner type handle, hand wheel handle
◎ Internal surface: Ra0.8μm-0.5μm
◎ Outer surfaces: Mirror polish,Matt finish, sand-blasting
◎ Max. pressure: 3.0bar
◎ Gasket: EPDM, NBR, SILICON, FPM conform toFDA177.2600
◎ Material: AISI304 (1.4301) / 316L (1.4404)
◎ Certification: 3-A-84-02; FDA177.2600



The manhole is a safety emergency ventilation device installed on the top of the storage tank. It is usually used in conjunction with fire extinguishers and mechanical breathing valves. It can not only avoid accidents caused by sudden overpressure or vacuum in the tank due to accidents, but also damage to the storage tank. It is a safety device to protect the storage tank, and it is a safety device to protect the storage tank. It is especially suitable for the vaulted atmospheric tank with nitrogen topped by the storage material. It has the advantages of constant pressure discharge, constant pressure suction, flexible opening and closing, safe fire resistance, compact structure, good sealing performance, safety and reliability.


The manhole has been shaped and the diameter is generally 600mm. The center of the manhole is generally 750mm from the ground. It is convenient for the staff to enter and exit the fuel tank or ventilate during installation, cleaning and maintenance.

One of the holes should be located near the right side of the oil inlet and outlet pipes, and try to make the manhole face the closed door of the fuel tank chamber, so that people can enter and exit, repair the fuel tank and take over the fuel tank. Ventilation duct.



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