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G-type Beer Barrel Connector Home Brewing Accessories Beer Dispenser

This product is matched with draft beer machine, beer faucet, beer tower, wine spear, and refrigerator. The beer is sent to the draft beer machine through the keg connector and the wine spear. After the draft beer machine is cooled, the mixing valve opens the pressure gauge, The carbon dioxide is pressed into the barrel and the beer flows out of the beer tap.
  • G-type Keg Couplers


Product Description

G-type Keg Couplers

Product name Homebrew G type draught stainless steel beer dispenser brass keg coupler
Material Stainless steel or brass
Model G type
Application For bars, hotels, restaurants and living rooms
OEM/ODM Welcomed
Packaging Customized
Service A, D, G, S, U Type available
Probe Thread 5/8
Gas Bard 8mm

Product Description

Connect with beer gun and pressure gauge

Without safety valve

Brass, nickel-plated probes or SS304 probes are perfect for beer, wine or cider

More convenient operation

Water polished, nickel plated

Technical specifications

Air port 5/8" outer diameter barb 


Each TOF dispensing head is processed by ultra-modern machinery and combined with extremely high-quality materials: food-grade zinc-treated brass or 300 series AISI stainless steel.

It is easy to change the beer you serve at any time. This coupler is suitable for all G system barrel valves of beer, such as 1/2 barrel Anchor (1/4 and 1/6 barrel use D-type coupler), Boddingtons, Fuller's and Watneys.


Our Advantage:

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