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Four-head Home Brewing Manual Wine Bottle Washing And Sterilization Equipment with Recovery Pump

The bottle sterilizer allows glass bottles and jars to be rinsed from the inside with alcohol disinfectant. The location of the four bottles to be sterilized. Can be used for bottles of various shapes-the capacity ranges from 0.2 liters to 2 liters.
  • Four-head Bottle Rinsers


Product Description

Four-head Bottle Rinsers


  • Maximal bottle diameter: 120 mm.

  • Minimal bottle diameter: 30 mm.

  • Maximal bottle height: 400 mm.

  • Minimal bottle height: 180 mm.


Main performance

Productivity depends on the experience of the operator: 200 to 600 bottles/hour.

Disinfectant consumption: 0 liters/bottle-Disinfectant is recovered using a pump.

Stainless steel centrifugal pump used to recover disinfectant.

Dimensions: 51 cm wide, 47 cm long, 65 cm high, and weighs 25 kg.

Conforms to EC standards.


What is the rinse time of the bottle? 

Since the BWC-M600 is a manually controlled machine, the user can choose the rinse time according to the dirty degree of the bottle.

How many bottles are sterilized at one time? 

The BWC-M600 has 4 nozzles: the user rinses 2 bottles at the two main nozzles, and then he can let them discharge the sterilization solution in a few seconds, while using the auxiliary two nozzles to rinse 2 new bottles.

Which sterilization solutions can be used?

Mild concentrated disinfectant, such as 0.3% peracetic acid solution. It is not designed for "aggressive" sterilization solutions. For example, phosphoric acid is too strong.

What is the volume of the disinfectant container? 

20 liters

How is the equipment controlled? 

There is no order. Only when the user presses the nozzle with the bottleneck, the machine will flush.

Main ingredients

  • Water Purifier

The water filter assembly includes a 0.45 μm micro filter cartridge (provided separately in the machine package).

  • Nozzle

The machine has 4 nozzles for rinsing bottles with chemical solutions.


Centrifugal pump


Operating procedures

1. Check whether the water supply connection is correct.

2. Check whether the compressed air supply connection is correct.

3. Manually install the bottle on the nozzle, as shown in the figure. 'A'

4. Push the bottle down without excessive pressure until the water/air jet comes out of the nozzle

5. Loosen the bottle after a few seconds

Note: Do not press the nozzle manually, as shown in the figure. 'B'-The presence of water/air under pressure may cause serious damage to your face.


The special attention we give in the final quality inspection of each work is also a guarantee of unparalleled reliability and robustness. A wide range of models can meet the various requirements of each market and ensure that you can always find a solution that suits you. 

If you want to know more detailed information about our equipment, please contact us.


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