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Filter | Wine Spirits Plate Filter (40x40) for Sale

Built from 304 stainless steel, with 30 food-grade polypropylene plates providing a filtration surface of 4.8 m2, this filter is built to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance and consistent output of up to 5100 liters (1350 gallons) per hour.
  • DEGONG-40x40


Product Description

40x40 Plate Filter

Professional grade 40x40 plate filter specially designed for small wineries. The filter is made of 304 stainless steel, with 30 food grade polypropylene plates, with a filter area of 4.8 m2, long service life, minimal maintenance, and an output of up to 5100 liters (1350 gallons) per hour. The attached cross plate (or "reverse plate") can use multiple levels of filter plates at the same time-this process is called "double filtering". The heavy-duty stainless steel frame has a drip tray, large wheels for easy movement, dual pressure gauges, a visual gauge to monitor clarity, and 1.5-inch Tri-Clamp inlets and outlets. Does not include pumps.


  • 30 Polypropylene Filter Plates (40 x 40 cm)

  • Filtration rate of 28 - 51 HL/h (740 - 1350 gal/h)

  • Total filtration area of 4.8 m2 (52 ft2)

  • Crossover Plate for Double Filtration

  • Dual Pressure Gauges

  • Butterfly Valves to regulate inlet and outlet flow

  • Sight gauge on outlet port

  • Pump not included

  • 1.5" Tri-Clamp inlet and outlet

  • 304 stainless steel construction

  • 67" L x 28" W x 37" H

  • 615 lbs



Except the motor, the other parts of this machine are made of 304 or 316L high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which is suitable for the filtration of various pH acid and alkali solutions.

This machine adopts pressurized airtight filtration, with small filtration loss, good filtration quality and high efficiency. The filter section is composed of ten filter plates, with a large filtration area and a large circulation volume.

According to the production process requirements of the solution to be filtered (primary support, decarburization, particle removal, semi-fine filtration, fine filtration), different filter membranes can be replaced, and the number of filter plates can be appropriately reduced or increased according to the requirements of the production process to meet the production needs.



  • This machine is a multi-purpose machine with a wide range of functions.

  • The filter plate adopts a plane threaded mesh structure, advanced structure, no deformation, easy to clean, can effectively extend the service life of various filter membranes, and save production costs.

  • This machine is equipped with a stainless steel infusion pump, a low-power motor, and low power consumption.

  • Rubber wheels are installed under the base, which can be moved, moved flexibly and operated conveniently.


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