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Eight Filling Heads Glass Bottle Filling Machine Food Grade Stainless Steel

The glass bottle filling machine adopts low vacuum and negative pressure filling, which is widely used in the filling of juice, fruit vinegar, still wine, rice wine, fruit wine, beverage, soy sauce, vinegar and other liquids. Applicable to a variety of bottle types.
  • Eight Filling Heads Bottle Filling
Product Description

Eight Filling Heads Bottle Filling

The main technical parameters

Size 1800*800*2400mm

Net weight 300kg

Capacity 300-600bottles/h

Applicable bottle 330ml-2L

Workbench 4-10

Power supply voltage AC 380V/50Hz (customized)

Main functions and features

  • PLC automatic control, all parameters are adjustable.

  • The filling and capping process can be completed by the machine at one time.

  • With CO2 pressure and vacuum function.

  • Using isobaric filling method, unique pressure holding system, stable and reliable performance, and minimum beer loss.

  • Adopt pressure compressor to ensure the stability of the filling process.

Work process

Fix the bottle--CO2 pressurization--vacuuming--filling--stabilizing pressure--releasing pressure--stop--moving the bottle to the capping station--capping--removing the bottle

Packing details

1. Use export standard bubble film packaging, and then used for single beer cans and wooden box packaging with less beer equipment. -LCL transportation.

2. If there are more tanks or complete sets of breweries, use bubble film packaging and containers for FCL transportation.

3. Bulk carrier or independent container, the size and quantity depend on configuration and capacity.

4. Buyers' requirements for packaging and transportation, please tell us in advance.

5. Mode of transportation: sea/rail/road/air

Our service

-We will do equipment test and test report for you;

-Provide equipment installation, commissioning, and personnel training services;

-We can help you arrange transportation to your location;

-One-year mainframe warranty; provide lifetime maintenance and technical services.

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