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Efficient 7BBL Beer Brewing Equipment 800L Commercial Brewing Equipment Conical Fermentation Tank for Sale

It's time to add a big guy to your bar. Imagine the craft beer equipment that is exclusive to you, with a dazzling brilliance in the bar. You can take a fresh IPA directly for your guests, which is a cool scene. We will customize a complete solution according to your needs, from malting to receiving wine. You can choose from 200L-1000L brewing systems per batch. A simple, modern stainless steel case or a sparkling classical copper case is a good choice. Various heating methods are available. This way you can provide authentic and authentic beer with a better cost control. Just tell us what your needs and venues are, and we'll tailor a plan for you as soon as possible.
fermentation tank manhole:
Heating source:
Control method:
  • DGET-800L

  • DGET

  • 8438400000

Product Description

7BBL beer brewing system characteristic

1. Our 7BBL beer brewing equipment can meet the wort production requirements of self- made beer bar and can complete the whole process from grinding of raw material, material feeding, saccharification, wort filtration, boiling, settling and cooling to the final oxygenation.

2. Our 7BBL beer brewing equipment are made of high quality stainless steel which meets the international and national hygiene and safety standards.

3. There are three heating methods: steam heating, electrical heating and direct fire.

4. Saccharification filtration tank is equipped with variable frequency mixer, meet the requirements of rotating speed for saccharification mixing and filtration tank mixing.

5. Our 7BBL beer brewing equipment Operation and control are achieved by automatic control or semiautomatic control with computer industrial control system.

6. Input and output of material and self- circulation are connected by sanitation material pump and hose and the cleaning adopts CIP cleaning tanker and hose connection to achieve self-circulation cleaning.

7. Connection type of pipelines for requirements is quick assembly which is convenient for cleaning, maintenance and repair during production.

8. Reasonable design, delicate, process,nice appearance,durable service, easy for operation, repair and maintenance.

750 BW-min


Brewhouse of beer brewery equipment: 

Brewhouse is various in combination of vessels, of course to achieve the same four steps mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpool, by special brewing intentions of brewer including wort output, wort gravity, sparging water, brews in certain time, brewing method etc.


Regarding the brewhouse of beer brewing equipment, we have two vessels, three vessels and four vessels brewhouse for your choose. 

Mash tun: 

Mashroom-shaped head or dish head on the top, 80mm PU insulation, Agitator with VFD controlled, SUS or glass manhole, CIP cleaning device, Legs and other pipelines and valves

Lauter tank: 

Mashroom-shaped head or dish head on the top, 80mm PU insulation, Raker arm with speed controller, Side mounted grain outdoor with grain chute, size is 430*330mm, Easy clean and detachable sparging spray ring, Leaser cutting false bottom, SUS or glass manhole, CIP cleaning device, Legs and other pipelines and valves


Mashroom-shaped head or dish head on the top, 80mm PU insulation, Heating: electric, steam or direct fire heating, Tangential whirlpool inlet, SUS or glass manhole, CIP cleaning device, Legs and other pipelines and valves.

750 mash working-min

beer mashing system is running


Fermentation of beer brewing equipment:

Function: Use for keep wort fermentation or maturation.
Component: It is consisted of Shadowless manhole, Aseptic valve, Pressure gauge, Rotate racking arm, Butterfly valve, Solenoid valve and etc.

Cooling method: dimple plate or glycol cooling jacket around tank.
Cooling media: glycol water or alcohol water.
Design pressure is 0.3MPa; Working pressure is 0.15MPa.( Our standard design, MPa can be customized).

75 FV 详情-min

beer fermentation tank details

Beer Serving tank of beer brewing equipment: 

Beer serving tank also named beer mature tank, normally it is single wall, and placed in the cold room for cooling. 
Component: It is consisted of Shadowless manhole, dish heads on two side, Mechnical relief valve, Aseptic valve, Pressure gage, Butterfly valve, carbonation stone and etc.

Packing & Shipping of beer brewery equipment:

  • All tanks will be packaged with soft protection material and mounted on strong carbon steel frame

  • All accessories and spare parts will be packaged with separate box.

  • After loaded into containers, all equipments will be well fixed to the containers.

  • Transportation mode: ocean, railway or air transportation.


If you are interested in beer equipment, please feel free to contact me.

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