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DIN、SMS、3A Food Grade Sanitary Stainless Steel Round Pressure Manhole For Tank Manway

Atmospheric manhole is the most common manhole. It is a manhole without pressure. It is generally installed on the top of the tank. It is the entrance and exit of the production worker or maintenance worker when the tank is built, cleared, and poured. The strength of the manhole And sealing is the key technology, but for pressure manholes, the strength and tightness requirements of atmospheric manholes are second.
Product Description


Atmospheric manhole is a safety emergency ventilation device installed on the top of the storage tank. It is usually used in conjunction with a mechanical breathing valve. It is a safety device to protect the storage tank. It is especially suitable for the vaulted atmospheric tank with nitrogen topped storage materials. It has the advantages of constant pressure discharge, constant pressure suction, flexible opening and closing, safe fire resistance, good sealing performance, safety and reliability. Atmospheric manholes are also the most common manholes.


Goods descriptions:

  • Name: Sanitary Stainless steel man hole cover with pressure

  • 1) TL: arc manhole cover, which can sustain a Max: static pressure of 2bar(under the temperature of 20°C )

  • 2) TL-l: arc manhole cover, with high bracket, used big vessels with lagging materials.

  • 3) TL: flat manhole cover, with low bracket.

  • 4) TL: flat manhole cover ,with high bracket, used big vessels with lagging material.

  • 5) TL-P: can sustain a Max. Working positive pressure cf 5bar

  • 6) Dimensions :410x510mm, 320x440mm, 350x450mm

  • 7) Material : 304 , 316L



Since the manhole is installed on the bottom ring of the oil tank, leakage prevention is particularly important. It is required that the joint surface of the two flanges must be flat and free of twisting. Reinforcing plates and flanges should be cut on the whole steel plate as far as possible without splicing. The flange and cover plate are processed with sealing rings, so special attention should be paid to protection during construction. 3mm thick asbestos rubber gasket is used for sealing, no cracks are allowed. When installing the manhole cover plate to tighten the bolts, force diagonally to prevent the manhole cover from deforming.


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