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DEGONG High-quality Filling Machine Automatic Filling Machine

The whole machine adopts PLC computer program control and man-machine interface touch screen buttons. It has automatic control of the liquid level in the material tank, no bottle no filling, no bottle no capping, etc., using frequency converter stepless speed regulation, production capacity digital display, The adjustment is extremely convenient.
  • DEGONG-1400 bottles/hour
Product Description

Automatic Filling Machine


This series of liquid paste filling machine is suitable for filling different types of liquid and paste products in the daily chemical, food, oil, medicine, pesticide and other industries.

The piston injection filling three-way one-way valve device has the advantages of high filling accuracy, convenient installation and debugging, simple cleaning and maintenance, and no leakage.

The material contact part is made of 304 stainless steel (316L stainless steel can be customized), and the all-stainless steel frame is neat and beautiful.

Taiwan PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface, optional German sick light eye, German FESTO, Taiwan AirTac and other imported components, so that the filling machine has excellent performance with stable performance and flexible operation.



PLC control; touch screen operation; piston pump filling

Submersible filling of foamy liquids, such as shampoos.

The filling volume is easy to adjust, suitable for bottles of different sizes

Suitable for plastic bottles, glass bottles and metal cans of any shape.

ITEMS ZY-2 ZY-4 ZY-6 ZY-8 GT-2 GT-4 GT-6 GT-8
Filling  product Liquid;   water Semi-fluid;   Paste
Filling  nozzles 2 4 6 8 2 4 6 8
Ideal  filling  range 20-100ml  \50-250ml\100-500ml\200ml-1000ml\500-2500ml\1000-5000ml
Filling  speed  (1000ml) 480  BPH 960  BPH 1440  BPH 1920  BPH 480  BPH 960  BPH 1440  BPH 1920  BPH
Filling  precision 20-1000ml:   ≤ ± 1%  1000-5000ml:   ≤ ± 0.5%
Air  consumption 0.17  m3/min 0.25  m3/min 0.25  m3/min 0.36  m3/min 0.17  m3/min 0.25  m3/min 0.25  m3/min 0.36  m3/min
Power  supply 220/110V      50/60Hz
Power  consumption 0.75Kw 1  kw 1kw 1kw 0.75Kw 1  kw 1kw 1kw


Our advantage

1. Professional manufacturing factory

2. Good quality and service control system, produced by skilled workers

3. Design according to customer requirements

4. Timely and effective delivery

5. Flexible payment methods.


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