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DEGONG 500L Complete Copper Vodka Column Distillation Equipment System for Sale

Distilled alcohol is a kind of alcoholic beverage with higher ethanol concentration than the original fermentation product. Brandy, whisky, rum and Chinese liquor are all distilled spirits, most of which are spirits with high degree. The production process is first brewing, then distilling, then cooling, and finally obtaining the alcohol solution drinks with high degree.
  • DG-500L
Product Description

500L vodka distillation equipment


Working capacity: 50L-5000L
Total Volume: working capacity*130%-150%
Voltage: 200V-240V/380-440V/600V
Weight: 50kg-3000kg
Material: SUS3048/SUS316L/COPPER
Motor: 3-phase power
Welding Technolog: High purity argon arc welding
Heating Method: Steam/Water bath/Oil/Electric/Firewood/Gas
Heating form: Direct or indirect heating
Distillation method: Liquid distillation by default, custom solid distillation can be customized
Running time: 2-8h,Customizable continuous distillation
Shape: Upper and lower heads/Customizable
Distilled products: Gin/Whisky/Vodka/Brandy/Tequila/Rum/Bourbon
Optional module: 1.Cooling water recycling system
2.Light system
3.Alcohol storage tank system(Head/Heart/Tail)


DEGONG 500L vodka column still


Distillation pot

Inner shell is made of copper,outer shell is SUS304 stainless steel, pot is assembled with liquid thermometer, pressure gauge,thermometer probe, safty releasing valve, CIP cleaning ball, drainvalves etc

All view Mirror pressure hole

Made of SUS 304 Stainless Steel and borosilicate glass , it have good sealingand , and can be observed at any time in the tank ,It is safe and reliable

Onion Head


It is made of copper , the designed enlarged the contacted area of the wine with the copper, It can remove highly volatile sulfurcompounds , and it can react with acid and fat in wine during use to improve the taste.

Distillation column

With blisters device and glass sight glass, it can improve thedegree and quality of the wine . For whisky and gin it is have 4 plates column (5sight glass) At the top of the column is dephlegmator , that improve the quality of the wine.


It is made of copper pipe inside and SUS304 stainless steel column .The vapor passing through the cooling tubes gets in touch with the cold water and exchange heat with each other. Then the vapor is condensed to wine that we want. It has inlet and oulet of cooling water.


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