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Customized Size Wine Bottle Stopper Coloured Wooden Cork Stopper With Metal Top

The soft and elastic nature of natural cork can seal the mouth of the bottle well without completely isolating the air, which is conducive to the slow development and maturation of the wine in the bottle, making the wine taste more mellow and round.
  • Metal Top Wine Cork
Product Description

Metal Top Wine Cork

The cork stopper is known as the "guardian saint" of wine, and has always been regarded as the ideal wine cork. It must have moderate density and hardness, good flexibility and elasticity, and a certain degree of permeability and viscosity. Once the wine is bottled, the only way for the wine body to contact the outside world is guarded by a cork.

Size 19mm   Custom Size also available
Colour Customer Color & Printing Picture or as you require also acceptable
Surface Handling Decoration firing, Silkscreen printing,spray painting, frosting, gold stamping, silver plating and so on.
Package Carton,Pallets or as your require
Cost The price of the Bottle can be negotiated according to your quantity of order and the stock of our products . More cost of custom requirements please inquiry us . We will at your service in 24h.



No matter what cork is used for a bottle of wine, the ultimate experience is the wine itself. Whether we pull out the cork, unscrew the screw cap or open the amazing wine by other means, the most important thing is that wine brings us the enjoyment of daily life.
Our factory provides customers with customized services of various products, different materials, different styles and sizes. Any Customer Design Please Contact us.

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