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Customized Red Copper Or Stainless Steel Brewery | Beer Equipment Manufacturer

We can design multi-functions to meet your actual needs. Different combination types, all equipped complete sets of components, including Miller, cooling system, plate heat exchanger, etc., need to talk about the details, we can provide you with high quality and best Good service, if you are interested, please contact us, we are willing to provide information and quote to you within your budget.
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Product Description

Red Copper Or Stainless Steel Brewery

Grinding system

Malt grinder, double roller type, carbon steel

Malting system

Mash pot: red copper or SUS304, inner shell thickness: 3mm, cladding thickness: 2mm, outer shell material is red copper, 80mm polyurethane foam insulation, platinum resistance accuracy +/-0.3 degrees Celsius, temperature range 1-120 degrees Celsius. Oval manhole, butterfly head, equipped with cleaning tube, cleaning ball

Filter barrel and whirlpool barrel: inner shell thickness: 3mm, cladding thickness: 2mm, 80mm polyurethane foam insulation, filter plate: milling, farming device: copper or stainless steel 304, feed in counterclockwise tangential direction when whirlpool, whirlpool is equipped The cleaning tube and cleaning ball comply with ISO standards.

Wort pump: SUS304, national sanitary grade, famous brand, frequency conversion control, flow rate 3 tons/hour, head 24 meters, pipe fittings material is SUS304.

Plate heat exchanger: secondary cooling type, suspended type, design pressure: 1.0mpa, temperature: 150℃,

Wort oxygenator: Venturi principle, SUS304 material, uniform and meticulous oxygenation, equipped with glass lens, oxygen can be seen.

Yeast feeding tank: portable, conveying yeast into wort through gas, made of high-quality stainless steel SUS304. The tank body with endoscope is opened for manual cleaning on the top, with an exhaust valve; the bottom is a cone bottom; the discharge port is equipped with a movable transparent hose, a dual-purpose tube, and an inlet and outlet yeast tube.

Platform and pedals: copper or SUS304

Saccharification line: copper or SUS 304, including all valves and pipes of the saccharification system.


2000L copper beer brewing equipment

Fermentation system

Fermentation tank: copper or SUS304, inner shell thickness: 3mm, coating thickness: 2mm, drip cooling, thickness: 1.5mm, 80mm polyurethane foam insulation, tank pressure 2.5bar, 60°Hypocone compressive strength design, empty 20% capacity, internal roughness below 0.4um, no deformation, no scratches, highly polished welds, upper part with lamp lens, temperature sensor, sampling valve, pressure gauge, exhaust pipe diameter Ø38, negative pressure valve, SUS304, open The pressure is 0.2MPa.

Mechanical valve: The material is SUS304, and the pressure is adjusted mechanically to control the pressure in the fermentation tank.

CIP system: Install 2 100l cleaning tanks and 1 cleaning pump, with control panel, cleaning pump flow 2T/H, head above 20 meters, corrosion resistance.


Stainless steel fermentation tank and copper brewery

Cooling system

Refrigerator: 380v/3/50 R22 refrigerant, Copeland compressor, supporting plate evaporator.

Alcohol water tank: red copper or SUS304, inner shell thickness: 2mm, cladding thickness: 1.5mm, polyurethane foam insulation, copper evaporator inside, heat dissipation area matching the evaporator, automatic temperature control.

Alcohol water pump: Alcohol water circulation pump, which can meet the requirements.

Alcohol water pipe: SUS 304, including all alcohol water pipe valves and pipes.


1000L copper brewing system

PLC control system

PLC control system: to realize special fermentation with two-stage heating and three-stage cooling. According to different beers, different fermentation curves can be set to meet different fermentation processes. The cooling speed can be set at any time for 2-24 hours, so as to prevent the ice tank and protect the yeast function, and meet the normal fermentation mechanism. There is no obligation for fermentation inspection. The temperature, time and period can be set and modified arbitrarily. The system capacity meets the fermentation period. The system collects data summary every 20 minutes and records all the data of a fermentation cycle. Traceability. The error accuracy is plus or minus 0.3°C.

Switchboard: One for saccharification & fermentation & cold storage

Fermentation control solenoid valve: stainless steel spring, fluorine rubber diaphragm, DC24V.

Wire and cable: use shielded wire for signal wire

Threading pipe: red copper or stainless steel decorative pipe

Movable frame: copper or stainless steel


Copper distillation equipment

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We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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