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Cosmetics Mixing Tanks 1000L Liquid Mixing Making Machine Stainless Steel Skincare Mixer Machine

Cosmetic mixers are mainly suitable for formulating liquid detergents (such as facial cleanser, shampoo, shower gel, etc.). It integrates the functions of mixing, dispersing, heating and cooling. The lubricating oil liquid oil blending mixer is an ideal equipment for liquid dispensing in various factories.
  • DG-1000L


Product Description

1000L Cosmetics Mixing Tanks

Main technologies
  • The oil and water phase materials are mixed at high speed to obtain a perfect high-quality emulsion product.

  • The machine consists of a vacuum resistant container with jacket for heating and cooling. Equipped with high speed homogenizer, scraper agitator, vacuum pump and hydraulic pump for lifting, heating and cooling system.

  • Use a vacuum pump to extract the air bubbles in the mixed product to prolong the storage time.

  • The scraper unit adopts a movable Teflon scraper to scrape off the material on the tank wall and anchor rod, and move the material to the center area for better mixing and mixing. Teflon scrapers can be easily maintained by hand without any tools.

  • Our vacuum emulsification equipment is equipped with heating and cooling system, which simplifies the processing process. Within the same equipment, you can go from heating - melting - emulsification - reducing air bubbles (by vacuum) - cooling without changing the container, saving a lot of labor and time for your production.

  • All contact parts of the equipment are SUS316L, and the product is homogeneous in a vacuum-tight container, hygienic and of good quality.

  • Raw material metering, heating, melting, emulsification, cooling temperature recording, stirring speed change, vacuum suction control.



Fruit juice food and drink sugar, salt, ingredients mix

Raw material mixing, liquid mixing for pharmaceutical biotechnology

Laboratory Medical and Medical Devices Chemical Coating Industrial




Stainless steel Mixing tank


SS304 or SS316L or Duplex stainless or 904L

Design Pressure:

-1 -10 Bar (g) or ATM B9

Work Temperature:

0-200 °C



Construction :

Vertical type or Horizontal type

Jacket type  :

Dimple jacket, full jacket, or coil jacket

Structure  :

Single layer vessel, vessel with jacket, vessel with jacket and insulation

Heating or cooling function

According to the heating or cooling requirement ,

the tank will have jacket for requried function

Opitional Motor:

ABB, Siemens, SEW or Chinese brand

Surface Finish:

Mirror Polish or Matt polish or Acid wash&pickling or 2B

Standard components :

Manhole,sight glass , cleaning ball

Optional components :

Vent filter, Temp. Gauge, display on the gauge directly on the vessel

Temp sensor PT100, digital display on the control cabinet by instrument

Temp sensor with control for heating and cooling Level gauge with digital

display on the control cabinet by instrument Load cell Valves


Wine, Beer Juices Food & Beverage Pharmaceutical Biotechnology &

Laboratory Medical &Medical Device Chemical Industry Painting Industrial

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