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10BBL Cold Water Tank for Cooling Conical Fermenter Brew System

Cold wine tank-The cold water tank is a buffer tank filled with cold water, used to cool the bitter wort to a fermentable temperature range after boiling. The cold water storage tank can be as simple as a single-skin container in a refrigerator, but it can also be a jacketed glycol tank with a cooling coil immersed in water or an insulated tank.


Product Description

10BBL Cold Water Tank

Product Details

Cold Liquor Tank - cold water tanks, or cold liquor tanks as they are called in the brewery, are buffer tanks that contain cold water that will be used to cool the bitter wort down to a fermentable temperature range after boiling.

Cold liquor tanks are used for brewing process and CLT’s also called buffer tanks. Buffer tanks contain cold water used for the purpose of cooling the bitter wort temperature down to the fermentable level range after boiling. This process is done by wort cooler.

The cold liquid tank is connected to the glycol cooling tank and pressed into the water. The frequency level of beer cooling capacity helps to recommend the appropriate volume and cooling method. When water can pass through the heat exchanger, when it is running, the temperature of the hydrothermal tank is close to 70 to 80 degrees Celsius. This is a typical process that helps to brew continuously without interruption, without waiting for the actual temperature to rise.

Our cold water tank capacity ranges from 0.5BBL (HL) to 300BBL (HL), with an average headspace of 15%. All tanks are made of certified 304 stainless steel, with 100% TIG welded joints and seams, and have a sanitary internal polish. Dimple board jacket and high efficiency polyurethane foam insulation. All storage tanks are connected by Tri-clamp, and the glycol jacket is designed to be used up to 0.2MPa and tested at 0.6MPa. We can customize any tank to meet the space and height constraints of your brewery.


Standard function

  • The inner and outer finishes are polished to hygienic finishes.

  • The inside is pickled and passivated.

  • Fully welded housing.

  • All signs and wording are in English.

  • All storage tanks will have complete inspection records, including test data and serial numbers.

  • All structures are made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel, and all pipes are made of SUS304.

  • All storage tanks adopt sanitary three-clamp connection.

  • All storage tanks will undergo a 24-hour pressure test before leaving the factory.

  • Round, dish-shaped or cone head, cone bottom 5°-15°, adjustable legs.

  • The average headroom is 15%.

  • Multi-zone corrugated glycol sheath.

  • 80mm polyurethane insulation material.

  • Shell: SUS304, thickness 2mm, wire drawing treatment.

  • Inner shell: SUS304, thickness 3mm or 4mm, inner surface finish is 2B.

  • Glycol sheath: SUS304, thickness 1.5mm, pit welding.

  • Working pressure in the tank: atmospheric pressure (24 hours full water test).

  • Working pressure in the jacket: 2 bar (24-hour test pressure 6 bar).

  • Top or side manholes.

  • There are two lifting eyes on the top.

  • CIP cleaning port on the top.

  • Recirculation port used to solve the problem of temperature stratification.

  • Pt100 thermocouple interface.

  • Sight level tube-allows easier monitoring of the volume.

  • Overflow to drain to the ground.

  • Separate drain and outlet.



-Spray ball ×1

-Temperature sensor ×1

-Drain pipe with butterfly valve×1

-CIP arm with butterfly valve ×1

-Four-leg adjustable foot pad × 4

-Washers, triangle clamps, accessories and all parts ×1


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We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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