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Chiller Repair and Maintenance Tips

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Tips for Commercial Chiller Repair & Maintenance

Commercial chiller repair is an essential part of any chiller owner’s job. There are many causes of an industrial chiller breakdown, but they can be prevented by using a few simple steps.

  • Perform routine maintenance every quarter. Your chiller manufacturer should provide you with a chiller inspection form as guidance. If it is an option, you should join a customer’s preventative maintenance program. Always use a licensed company to perform maintenance and repairs, and keep records of the maintenance and repairs to use as a reference for future repairs.

  • Inspect heat transfer fluid to ensure it is free of debris and is properly rated for the ambient conditions and process fluid temperatures. Then, inspect the “Y” strainer to confirm it is free of debris that would restrict the flow of heat transfer fluid.

  • Next, inspect condenser coils for any buildup of dirt and debris. A clean coil will provide better airflow to promote more efficient heat transfer. Measure condenser and evaporator pressures.

  • Inspect wiring and connections to ensure the connections are tight and secure. Loose wires can occur over time which can lead to random chiller faults.

  • Verify chiller safety switches are operating properly to ensure the chiller will be protected should a fault occur. In addition, inspect the fan blade, shaft, bearing, and motor for signs of wear to ensure proper airflow is achieved to remove heat for the chiller. Always listen and look for unusual noises or vibrations.

  • Electrical contacts should be thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Inspect the chiller pump to make sure pump seals are not leaking and bearing, and check the piping to ensure there are no leaks at any of the fluid contact parts.

  • Lastly, ensure the Schrader valve is properly seated, and the cap is tightly secured.


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