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Beer Machine For Sale Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment 2000l 3000l 5000l

Available with either solid copper brewhouse vessels or polished stainless steel.Available with either electric or steam heating.
Brewhouse design with mash tun/lauter tun,brew kettle/whirlpool and auxiliary hot liquor tank.Skid-mounted brewhouse with pre-plumbed stainless steel hard piping for quick and easy installation.
manhole for fermenter:
Heating method:
Control method:
  • DGET-3000L


  • 8438400000

Product Description
3000L Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment 


3-vessel brewhouse system 3000L 

Item: 3000L Commercial Brewery system

Applications: Micro brewery, Industrial brewery

1 Malt milling system Malt miller machine,Grist case,Flex auger
2 Mash system

Mash tank, lauter tanK

Boiling tank, whirlpool tank 

Hot water tank (Optional)

Mash/wort/hot water pump 


Wort oxygenation device

Operation platform

Plate heat exchanger

3  Fermenting system

Beer fermenters

Bright beer tanks

Yeast adding tank

Accessories, such as sample valve, pressure gauge, safety valve and so on

4 Cooling system

Ice water tank Cold water tank Refrigeration unit Ice water pump

5 CIP cleaning system Disinfection tank & alkali tank & cleaning pump etc


Control system: PLC automatic and semi-automatic, the elements brand include Siemens and so on.

brewing vessel details-min-min

Rakes,Sight glass;Spent Grain Hatch;stirred

Main Features:

1. 3000L brewhouse:

1).Heating method: steam

2).Hot &cold water recycle for saving energy

3).Automatic lifting agitator and raker system

4).Automatic agitator and raker system for maxing and spent grain .

5).Famous brand for pump and steam boiler.

6).Mash pipe has no dead corner for easy cleaning and brewing.

7).Continue production, 3-4batches per times.

8).Semi-Automatic or full automatic control system for optional.


Beer fermenters and components:spray ball;thermometer,pressure gauge

2.Fermentation system

Technical Characteristics:

All AISI-304 Stainless Steel Construction

Jacketed & Insulated

Dual Zone Dimple Cooling Jacket

Dish Top & 60° Conical Bottom

4 Stainless Steel Legs with Leveling Ports


Working Capacity: 3000L, 6000L, 9000L

Inner Diameter: Customized

PU Insulation: 70-100mm

Thickness: Inner Shell: 3 mm, Dimple Jacket: 1.5 mm, outer shell: 2 mm

Fermenter Includes:

Top Manway or Side Shadow less Manway

Racking Port with Tri-Clover Butterfly Valve

Discharge Port with Tri-Clover Butterfly Valve

2 Tri-Clover Outlets with Butterfly Valves

CIP Arm and Spray Ball

Sample Valve

Pressure Gauge

Safety Valve


3.Cooling Unit

-Insulated glycol water tank and cold water tank

-Efficiency chillers or refrigerators with Freon to supply cooling energy

-Sanitary centrifugal pump for glycol water recycle among tanks and heat exchanger

-All pipes, fitting, insulation materials are included

4.CIP unit

-Material SS304, Thickness for tank 2mm

-Heating power for Alkali Tank 

-Tank amount: 4pcs: Sterilization tank, Acid tank, Alkali liquor tank.

-Separate control for CIP unit.

turnkey brewery equipment-min

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