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Beer Filling System Accessories Back Pressure Bottle Filling for Front Sealing Faucet

The back-pressure bottle filling machine is a brand new and easy-to-use filling equipment. It allows you to bottle beer in a sealed beer tap perfectly without losing CO2. Use CO2 to purge the bottle and headspace to prevent oxygen from entering, thereby prolonging the life of the beer.
  • Stainless steel (SS304) Beer Fittings


Product Description

Stainless steel (SS304) Beer Fittings

Product Description

The back pressure bottle filling machine is a way to fill home brewed beer bottles directly from your barrel filling system. There is no need to mess up spare liquid lines or difficult-to-assemble devices. Just plug it into any forward sealing faucet, connect the CO2 pipeline, and you can start using it. Bottle the game, or bottle your friends to take home. It is fast and easy to use, helping to maintain the beer's flavor, aroma and carbonation level, so that it tastes the same from the bottle as it tastes from the tap.


For starters, the back pressure bottle filling machine is better than most bottling solutions because the bottle is under pressure when the carbonated beer flows in. Since the inside of the bottle is pressurized, the loss of CO2 in the solution is minimal.

The back pressure bottle solution improves on the standard back pressure filler because it plugs directly into your ventilation system tap (faucet). Most solutions require you to connect a separate liquid line, which is not something the standard draft system sets up and requires additional preparation (ie more time). With it, you can complete the setup and be ready in less than a minute! Its design is also very advantageous, because after you finish filling the bottle, it will remain connected to your faucet, while other filling machines require you to set aside and pick up again for the next bottle.

Using the back pressure bottle design, your beer and carbon dioxide are injected from the bottom of the bottle through a telescopic bottle connection tube. First, CO2 flows downwards into the bottom of the bottle and flushes upwards from the bottom. Next you turn on the faucet and the beer flows down the same tube, filling it from the bottom up. The result is a more effective removal of oxygen during the filling process and almost no foam

The telescopic bottle connection tube allows you to fill bottles as small as 4.5 inches to 12.5 inches tall. You can use it to fill taller bottles, but the connecting tube cannot reach the bottom of the bottle, which will cause some splashing. When filling large-mouth containers, a cork of suitable size and 9 mm hole can be used.



  • It is directly connected to any front sealing faucet, which is convenient and quick to use.

  • Quick to set up and easy to maintain.

  • Perfect for bottling a game, sending bottles home with friends, or just drinking some bottles on the go!

  • A series of accessories are provided, with a wider range and more convenient use!

  • Blow the bottle with CO2 before and after filling to get a longer-lasting beer!

  • The pressure relief valve can control the filling speed, let the excess foam escape, and dump it perfectly every time!

  • Stainless steel design

  • Easy to use and clean!


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