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beer fermenting vessels for sale for store & catering equipment range from 100L to 200HL

Whether you are a start-up, a well-established craft brewery or a market leading brand – you can benefit from DGET in the brewery industry. Our catalog of high-quality equipment ranges from complete systems to process units to components.
Cooling jacket:
  • DGET-2000L


  • 8438400000

Product Description
Built-in cooling jacket Fermenters for producing quality beer


The brewing process: crush,mashing,lautering,boiling,whirlpool,cooling,fermentation,filtration.

FV detail 01

Beer fermentation tanks for sale 

Built-in cooling jacket Fermenter Features:

1. Cooling system and fermenter all in one design.

2. If necessory and the vessel can be equipped with wheels,  moving the fermenter easily

3. Operating easily, just seting temperature controller for Automatic cooling .

4.The fermenters can be used for unitank to achieve carbonation.


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 Brewery equipment fermenters in factory

Beer fermentation tank is an indispensable equipment in the process of beer fermentation. Its quality and performance are related to the taste and quality of the beer produced to a certain extent.


The main equipment for beer fermentation are fermentation tanks and serving tanks. Fermentation tank: assume the production task of the product. Seed tank: The purpose is to ensure the amount of bacteria necessary for fermentation tank culture.


Beer fermentation equipment fermentation tank: undertake the production task of the product. It must be able to provide the conditions required for microbial life activities and metabolism, and be easy to operate and control, to ensure the realization of process conditions, thereby achieving high yields.



 Mechnical control valve,side manhole,racking arm

The definition of a fermenter is a container that provides a good and satisfactory environment for the operation of fermenting process.


For some processes, the fermenter is a closed container with a precision control system; for other simple processes, the fermenter is just an open container.


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Brite beer tanks

An excellent fermenter device and composition:

(1) It should have a tight structure

(2) Good liquid mixing characteristics

(3) Good heat transfer rate of mass phase

(4) With supporting and reliable detection and control instruments

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