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Accessories for Fermentation Tanks

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  • Positive pressure valve

We all know the fermenter must be pressure resistance, but in case some dangerous when the tank pressure rise, so generally there should be positive pressure valve on the top of the fermentation tanks.

  • Negative pressure valve

The conical tanks are sensitive about negative pressure, their shape may be changed even with tiny negative pressure. The air volume inside of the tank may be greatly changed even under very small temperature changes, so it is more dangerous of the negative pressure compared with positive pressure.

  • CIP cleaning unit

The CIP is vital component of the conical fermenter, which will ensure the safety beer brewing and sanitary management. The CIP spray ball should connected well with the piping on the top of the tank, then the top inside of the tank can also be cleaned very well.

  • Thermometer and thermowell

We know it will need exactly temperature testing and controlling during fermentation, so the thermometer is also obbligato. For some commercial fermentation tanks, it is available for installing two thermowell on the top 1/3 and bottom 1/3, as the natural convection inside of the tank will cause temperature difference.

  • Pressure gauge

It is used for checking the inside pressure.

Tiantai pressure gauge with dual-display: bar and psi.

  • Sample valve

The sample valve must be sanitary during usage.

Tiantai beer fermenters adopted sample valve without thread inside, which will avoid the hidden of bacteria.

  • Manhole

Sometime we should do overhaul for the fermentation tanks, the manhole now is necessary.

  • Hopping port

Now all of our beer fermentation tanks with dry hopping port.


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