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D-Type Keg Coupler - Full Stainless

Invert the keg and inject the washing liquid through the beer outlet under pressure. The cleaning chemicals and flushing water enter the barrel through the barrel valve and descend step by step along the inner surface of the inverted barrel. Then, the washing liquid and rinsing water are discharged through the CO2 port of the barrel valve on the coupler.
  • D-Type Keg Coupler


Product Description

D-Type Keg Coupler


A keg coupler is a of any draft beer system. It's a small but vital piece of equipment that connects the gas and beer lines to your keg. Pressurized gas (either carbon dioxide or nitrogen depending on the type of beer being dispensed) flows into the side of the keg coupler through an air line and the beer flows out through a beer line attached to the top.
You can keep those kegs flowing free with the D System Beer Tap Coupler 304 Stainless Steel Probe and its smooth, reliable operation. This tap coupler securely mounts with a to dispense beer in seconds. To the purity of flavor and drink, only 304-grade Stainless Steel probe comes in contact with the beverage.


  • Enlarged opening allowing fast liquid flow.

  • Hose barb connection is 1/2".

Products Description

1. It could fit well with beer kegs of D type beer keg spear .

2. very good outlooking and design.

3. wide used, could be used for bar, resautant, factory  and wholeselling.

4. you could dispense many different kind of beer together with regulators and co2 tanks.

Products  Data

Product name keg coupler
Brand GHO
Color silver
Materail Stainless steel
Matched with regulator, co2 tank, beer keg
Accessories all included
Surface good polish
Beer medallion as per your choice

1. This is a sankey keg coupler and fits "D" System Sankey keg valves and will be compatible with almost any beer brewed in North America.
2. Constructed from 304-grade stainless steel probe with brass body, this tap coupler is made to last through years of use and abuse while maintaining purity of product.
3. The Locking handle does a good job of keeping the coupler locked into place even if it gets bumped.
4. Great product to replace old tap that was leaking and hard to get on. No leaks and easy on and off. To tap a keg all you have to do is pull out and then down on the lever-handle to properly couple the keg.
5. 50PSI Pressure Relief Valve. An internal safety relief device prevents dangerous pressure build-up that can damage your system.



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