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7BBL Bright Beer Tank for Beer Brewing System for Sale

Our 7 BBL bright beer tank quality built and 15PSI rated brite tanks receive finished beer from the fermenter and can be used for carbonation or conditioning. It is a perfect match for our 7 BBL brewing system to bring beer to the masses by kegs, bottles or cans. After packing, use the CIP arm for a thorough cleaning.
  • DG-7BBL


Product Description

7BBL Bright Beer Tank

  • Manhole: Choose top or side manhole c/w Manual turn knob for quick and easy access to the container. The top manhole allows simple addition of dry hops and thorough CIP. Options for side manholes include shadowless manholes.

  • Insulation: Cast polyurethane foam insulation has a high insulation value and can be expanded to fill every corner of the insulation space with superior performance compared to fiber mats. Insulating foam is specially formulated for use in stainless steel containers.

  • CIP Assembly: Fixed wash balls provide reliable cleaning performance and optimized flow patterns to minimize cleaning time and water use Optional rotating cleaning nozzles are also available. External fastener connections allow easy maintenance and replacement of cleaning nozzles without entering the container.

  • Cooling Jacket: High-efficiency glycol cooling jackets are specifically designed to create turbulence and improve heat transfer. The location of the double-sided jacket minimizes thermal stratification and maximizes cooling performance for single or double batches.

  • Sampling port: Sanitary sampling valve provides a convenient location for taking wort samples

  • Thermometer Sleeve: Sintered stainless steel stone creates micro-bubbles, maximizing interfacial area for gas diffusion and minimizing carbonation time. Carbonite includes gas isolation valve and quick release fittings. The stone tee is fastened to the container for easy disassembly and cleaning.



  • Outer Board: #4 Brushed Polished Board provides a display finished surface suitable for high pressure washing.

  • Adjustable Foot Pads: #4 Brushed Polished Plate Provides a Display Finished Surface Suitable for High Pressure Washing.

  • Head: Tilt pads ensure full floor contact with no gaps, simplifying container leveling.

  • Liquid level tube: The transparent liquid level tube is integrally installed with the calibration bar, which is easy to use and beautiful. The liquid level line is connected to the bottom drain through an isolation valve to indicate if the liquid level is empty.

  • Drain: Drain is sized for low turbulence product transfer and CIP without cavitation.



DEGONG horizontal beer bright tank / storage tank

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