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600L Fruit Or Grain Spirits Copper Distiller / Brandy Whiskey Gin Alcoholic Spirit

This distillation equipment is suitable for gin, whiskey and any fruit or grain-based spirits. DEGONG can customize your own high-quality and exquisite distillation equipment for you according to any of your needs, or if you need beer equipment and other accessories, we can provide them.
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Product Description

Fruit Or Grain Spirits Copper Distiller

Continuous distillation

Continuous distillation can still produce distillate indefinitely. As long as the distillation plant has the ability to feed the equipment, the distillation equipment does not need to be shut down. In contrast, batch systems must be emptied, recharged, and reheated.

In addition, the time required to heat a continuous distiller is actually only a small fraction of the time required to heat a batch distiller of the same size. In addition, continuous systems are often designed with heat exchangers that can recover heat. This heat recovery function makes the system use much less heat than the ordinary batch system that is usually used. All of these are equivalent to reducing operating costs.

This cost savings can be further exploited by the fact that if the start-up cost is X, then performing the second shift will reduce the costs associated with the “start-up” of the second shift by 80%. If a third shift is set, the costs associated with "start-up" will further reduce a small part of the second shift's "start-up" cost. Does that make sense? In other words, the longer you run the system, the lower the cost of running the system. This is a key issue for an industry that is truly based on economies of scale. In short, continuous stills can reduce operating costs by at least 30%. This is a considerable return on investment.


The stainless steel cylinder on the left is the condenser

How does it work?

Basically there are two columns on the system. Beer column and spirits column. The beer tower is fed from the top. Fresh steam is fed in from the bottom of the tower. Once the fresh steam is mixed with the injected beer, the heat will be transferred to the beer. At this time, the alcohol contained in the beer will be heated, flashed, and then directed to a reboiler equipped with a spirit column. The low-alcohol wine entering the reboiler is then reheated, and the higher-alcohol low-alcohol wine vapor enters the spirit tower for further rectification, and is finally discharged from the designated collection port and led to the finished product condenser. The used beer then continues to flow down the beer tower and is discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the beer tower.

All of this happens automatically through the use of an automatic control panel with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), which controls any number of variables to maintain continuous operation in a stable state, while maintaining what is needed to create the desired finished product The ideal set point product. Target temperature control at each stage of the process is a key variable required for optimal steady-state operation. There is no doubt that a good automation controller is essential. Some designs can be operated manually. However, unless the design is optimized, the distiller operator is often busier than the one-handed paper holder and must make fine adjustments to the distiller's operation during operation. Manual operation simply cannot respond to adjustments as accurately as a PLC.

Is continuous style still suitable for you?

If you want to increase production capacity, reduce operating costs, and free up some time for marketing, then the continuous distiller is an excellent solution to consider when you expand in the future.


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