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5L/10L/20L/50L/100L LCD Heating Industrial Alcohol/glycol Chiller

The chiller has two cycles, one is the process water cycle and the other is the refrigerant gas cycle. The heat absorbed from the process. The heat is transferred to the refrigerant cycle. The heat is removed to the air or water. Chillers are a major contributor to cooling and regulation in large industrial, commercial and institutional sectors, and are used to reduce the temperature of various equipment.
  • 5L/10L/20L/50L/100L Glycol Chiller


Product Description

5L/10L/20L/50L/100L Glycol Chiller


It can replace dry ice and liquid nitrogen for low-temperature reaction, and the temperature control accuracy is quite high.

Suitable for low temperature experiments in scientific research, biology, physics, medicine, chemical and other departments


1. Temperature setting and display. Digital

2. Fully enclosed mixer to ensure the stability of magnetic stirring.

3. Compressor and oil separator: Both use Danfoss imported equipment from Denmark

4. Three-element composite cascade refrigeration

5. High and low pressure control

6. Refrigerant R50D, R13, R14

7. Independently developed and designed controller, microcomputer controller, with delay protection function

8. Utilize the balance of cold and heat reaction to make the temperature accuracy reach ±0.1℃

9. Shell material: cold rolled plate, electrostatic spray


Volume( L )


Lowest Temp (℃)

-20 ℃

Working Temperature rang


Cooling Capacity (W)


Flow (L/min)


Lift (m)


Coolant Temp


Temp Accuracy


Temperature control

PID Auto control

Temperature Display

Digital Display

Thermocouple type


Voltage  Supply


Machine Size

55 x37x 64CM

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Product features

High reliability

Scroll compressors have 60% fewer internal parts than reciprocating compressors. The structure of the scroll compressor prevents liquid refrigerant and impurities from entering the compressor.

Equipped with a microcomputer control device to protect the compressor from malfunction. The torque change of the scroll compressor is 1/3 of that of the reciprocating compressor.

High efficiency

The scroll compressor is a rotary displacement design with small clearance volume, low friction loss and high operating efficiency. The unit adopts a combination of multiple compressors, and the partial load operation efficiency is high.


The refrigerant circuit and the control circuit are completely independent, and can be used alternately according to the load conditions, effectively prolonging the service life. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, low vibration, wear resistance, and high reliability.


Shell and tube condenser, the heat exchange tube is an outer finned copper tube, and the cover plates at both ends are removable, and the copper tube can be removed for cleaning. The condenser shell is equipped with fusible plugs to effectively ensure the safe operation of the system. The condenser has passed the national pressure vessel inspection.


The shell-and-tube evaporator uses inner finned copper tubes and is equipped with a refrigerant diversion device, which can evenly distribute the refrigerant to the heat exchange tubes and improve the heat exchange efficiency. For multi-compressor chillers, each compressor is equipped with an evaporator and a condenser, and the three constitute an independent refrigeration system. Due to structural reasons, the water paths of the two evaporators are often connected, while the refrigeration circuit is independent. Thermal insulation materials are attached to the outside of the evaporator to avoid loss of cooling capacity.

Thermal expansion valve

Using the world-renowned brand Emerson thermal expansion valve, the control accuracy is higher, the adjustment range is wider, and the response is faster. Under any working conditions, the heat exchange area of the evaporator can be fully utilized, the heat exchange is more sufficient, the efficiency is higher, and the reliability of the refrigeration system can be guaranteed.

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