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50L Vacuum Emulsification Mixer Homogenizer Suitable for Cosmetic Mayonnaise Ketchup

This machine is specially designed to produce stable emulsions, creams, milk, gels, balsams, lotions, ointments, toothpastes, etc. with extremely small particles, and is suitable for the chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • 50L Cosmetic Emulsifying Homogenizer


Product Description

50L Cosmetic Emulsifying Homogenizer

Standard configuration

  • Emulsifier, water phase tank, oil phase tank

  • Vacuum pump and synchronous solenoid valve

  • Emulsifier and material filter

  • Hydraulic lifting system and mixing system

  • Stainless steel platform

  • Inverter and electrical control box

Work criteria

  • The materials in the water phase tank and the oil phase tank are heated and stirred.

  • After being thoroughly mixed, it is transported to the emulsification tank by a vacuum pump.

  • The material is stirred from the upper part of the central shaft, combined with the PTFE scraper that sweeps the wall, so that the material is fully stirred, and at the same time it is pushed down to the emulsifier at the lower part of the central shaft.

  • It has a very high-speed emulsification effect, and the material will be severely cut, sheared, and cracked into 200nm-2um particles.

  • The bubbles appearing in the process will be sucked out in time under the vacuum state in the tank.

Products Show




Sealing head: SUS316L, thickness: 4mm

Material filter, vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum discharge valve, vacuum inlet, positive pressure inlet, CIP system (spraying ball), sight glass lamp, window, manhole, hopper

Pipeline: All contact material parts adopt GMP sanitary standard SUS316L, sanitary fittings and valves

Electric control system Can be customized to PLC+ Touch screen
Outer layer material: adopt SUS304 Stainless steel plate, thickness:1.5mm
Meter: thermometer, Time digital display met, voltmeter, Homogenizer time reply
Button: Each function switch control button, emergency switch, light switch, start/stop buttons
Indicate Light: RYG 3 colors indicate light and all system working indicate
The electrical components: include various control relay
Stainless steel pipes
Material: SUS316L and SUS304, soft tubes
Valve: Manual valves (can be customized to pneumatic valves)
Pure water pipe, tap-water pipe, drain pipe, steam pipe (customized) etc.
Bottom Homogenizer (can be customized to upper homogenizer)
Material: SUS316L
Motor power: According to the capacity
Speed: 0-3600rpm, DELTA inverter
Processing methods: Rotor and stator adopts wire-cutting finish machining, polishing treatment before assembly.
Stirrer paddle & scraper blade Frame oar wall single way scrapping mixing (can be customized to double way mixing, circulation mixing etc.)
Stirrer paddle: SUS316L, thick: 10mm
Scraper blade: PTFE material, thick: 15mm, white
Motor power: According to the capacity
Speed: 0-75rpm, DELTA inverter
Adopting Germany Bergman mechanical seal, NSK bearing made in Japan
Water and oil pot Material: SUS316L and SUS304
Layer: 3 layers for double jacket for electric heating (can be customized to steam heating)
Open lid


This machine is suitable for the production of various paste and paste products in cosmetics factories and pharmaceutical factories. It is specially designed to produce stable emulsion cream, milk, gel, balsam, lotion, ointment, toothpaste, etc. with very small particles, and is suitable for chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.


Packing & Delivery

123 (L) * 456 (W) * 789 (D)
1.2 T
Packaging Details
The normal package of CE certification cosmetics vacuum emulsifying mixer, cream homogeneous mixer emulsifying machine is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

The best quality and ex-factory price Our company has always insisted: integrity management, quality first, reasonable price, and service first are the cornerstones.

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