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500L Vodka Whiskey Copper Distillation Equipment Alcohol Distiller for Sale

This device is suitable for the recovery of dilute alcohol in the pharmaceutical, food, light industry, and chemical industries, and it is also suitable for the distillation of methanol and other dissolved coal. No matter how high the alcohol content of the finished product is required. The reflux ratio can be increased, but the output will be reduced accordingly.
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Product Description

Vodka Whiskey Copper Distiller

How to convert your distilled spirits from vodka to whiskey

We have discussed here the basic equipment required to start producing whiskey and discussed how to actually distill the whiskey.

So now that you know what it takes to prepare a still for whiskey and how it is made, you might be wondering what else you can do with a still. Vodka may not be the most obvious choice after whiskey, but there are many reasons why it is a great fit for your business and provides you with more choices about the products you can produce.

Before we discuss the benefits of adding vodka to you, it is important to understand the difference between vodka and whiskey production.

In order for vodka to be considered as such in the United States, it must be distilled to 95% ABV, and whiskey must be kept below 95% ABV to be classified as whiskey/bourbon, and must be distilled to no more than 80 % Alcohol.


The equipment required to prepare a still for vodka may be quite different from the equipment you use to prepare a still for whiskey.

If you use a reflux column to make whiskey, then this is not a big change. If you use a pot to distill whiskey, then this may be a different animal than you are used to. In theory, vodka can still be made on the pot, but the waste caused by the number of runs and inefficiency makes it a costly option. The efficiency of running the reflux column is much higher, and with the appropriate equipment, you can reach 95% ABV in a single run, although you cannot say that you have used this method to distill multiple times.

In order to reach the 95% ABV target in a single run, you will need more plates in your tower compared to running a whiskey reflux tower. Each plate in the column is a separate step, and you can obtain purity through each separation step that occurs in the process. Although 4 or 6 plates can clean your whiskey and give you a wonderful taste, it is unlikely that you will reach 95% ABV without a few runs.

The 95% ABV labeling device requires sufficient separation steps (plates) and sufficient reflux for ethanol separation and purification. Commercial vodka columns can run anywhere from 18 to 30 plates, so opinions vary on what settings can make the best vodka.

Vodka may be important for distilleries that start to generate revenue early before the whisky has a chance to age and fully mature. Vodka does not need to be aged like whiskey and can be marketed faster.


How to generate income immediately: start with vodka

Vodka does not require any barrel aging, which is perfect for startups that want to generate revenue immediately. When your other spirits age, you will immediately have something to sell. You have to pay for your overhead in some way, right? In terms of production, vodka is also super chopped.

Since whiskey can only be made from corn, grains and/or wheat, there are obviously not many whiskey variants. Vodka production has more freedom. You can really use anything to make vodka, fruits, potatoes, grains, kale (yes, kale) and so on. We have tasted some great vodkas, which are made with unusual ingredients. Be sure to check out the blog about fermentables to better understand how sugar affects fermentation to make the best spirits.

If you are not too keen on making your own mash at first, you can always work with local breweries and breweries to make your first batch of vodka. This is a great choice to build a network and attract more locals. Using other local businesses to promote your winery and participate in craft spirit events is a great way to make your name famous there! Vodka is a huge market, and there are many different types-good and bad.

At this level of saturation, it may be difficult for consumers to find your product, so networking and learning how to market your product are key when setting up your own winery. However, vodka can be flavored with almost anything, unlike (aged) rum or whiskey. This will give you the opportunity to create something super novel and complex, which will give you an advantage in the market.

Many of you winery owners want to have their own tasting space, which is another opportunity for quick income, depending on the laws of your state. From martini to Moscow mule, vodka is an extremely versatile cocktail base that can be made into a variety of drinks for all walks of life to enjoy.

The tasting room is also one of the best ways to build a company's reputation. Using this space for bridal showers, weddings, birthday parties and other events is a great way to bring locals together and strengthen the community.

When you build this sense of trust in your customers, they will want to support you as much as they can, which will bring more revenue but also a sense of personal pride.


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