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500L Stainless Steel Column Copper Distillation Equipment Whiskey Vodka Distiller

The basis for a high degree of flexibility is a modular system that can be combined in all components. In this way, the highest level of personal consultation can be achieved in a cost-effective manner using real and tried-and-tested components.
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Product Description

Stainless Steel Column Distiller

Mixed head, heart and tail

Let the new distiller realize that the alcohol collected during operation is not consistent in terms of flavor profile. The new distiller is basically encouraged to identify and isolate each "cut" as accurately as possible, conveying the message that Hearts cutting is the most ideal. With more and more experience, the new distiller will eventually develop enough skills to separate Hearts very fully.

Although it is hoped to provide a fairly neutral spirit for vodka, the whole-hearted cutting of flavored spirits such as whiskey, rum or brandy does end up with a rather bland end product. A clean product, yes, but without complexity, and with minimal characteristics and taste. Wholehearted finished products often lack the familiar, enticing flavors that make our favorite spirits stand out and become truly carefully crafted, well-thought-out end products.


Find the right combination

So, when mixing heads, hearts, and tails, how many heads or tails need to be added back to the Hearts section to produce a finished product with all the characteristics of a carefully rendered flavored spirit? When considering flavor characteristics, I tried to use food analogies to help me understand the concept of adding back distillate "cuts" that are usually considered defective.


Copper column distiller

Too much? Still not enough?

Let us take table salt as an example. Not enough salt can make certain foods lacking and boring. Then, if you add too much salt, the food will become inedible. But who decides how much salt is too much salt? Why are some foods a little saltier than others that look delicious but have almost no salt?

Now, let's use a piece of meat as another example. Taking a piece of meat that was once considered low-quality and cheap may have too much fat. Something that may have been thrown into the trash. I always think of pork belly. On the pork belly, there is usually a little lean portion surrounded by a large mass of fat. According to my rules, I usually hate fat. But when cooked long enough, the fat adds incredible complexity to the finished pork belly. The slow-cooked pork belly is amazing! Therefore, we render the defects (fat) into the finished product, making the finished product better than without adding perceptual defects.

I think I might think of more food examples that can help create similarities between the production and cooking of flavored spirits. It's really up to the brewer to decide how far they are willing to cut at the head or tail to create the complexity of creating award-winning flavored spirits.

After all, there are 150 (or more) ways to make chicken soup. And there may be equal ways to present a good, tempting, and flavored spirit.

Therefore, if you are a fledgling winemaker, first try to identify and closely familiarize yourself with Heads, Hearts, and Tails as separate components. Then, slowly go back and try mixing Heads, Hearts, and Tails by adding a small amount of "late" Heads or "Early" Tails, and try to create your own secret. good luck!


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