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500L Red Copper Hotel Beer Brewing Equipment Brewhouse for Sale

Hotel beer brewing equipment is an ideal choice for shops, barbecues, and restaurants to brew beer for customers on-site. The luxurious shape and the small space required not only have ornamental value, but also show customers the whole process of brewing, so that customers can understand the profound cultural connotation of beer.
  • DEGONG-500L


Product Description

500L Red Copper Hotel Brewhouse

Detailed specifications



Technical Specifications

Malt Mill


two roller mill, carbon steel shell, alloy rollers

complete with motor, belt and pulley, motor power 3kw

Mash/lauter Tun


effective capacity 500L,

steam heating, steam jacket:1.5m2

top dished head,

material SUS304, interior sand polished,

cladding surface mirror finish, welding seams brushed

electric heating elements, mineral wool insulation, thickness 80mm,

Kettle/whirlpool Tun


effective capacity 500L,

steam heating, steam jacket: 1.5m2

top dished head,

material SUS304, interior sand polished,

cladding surface mirror finish, welding seams brushed


Why choose DEGONG
  • The top cone of all tanks is mirror polished.

  • The manhole pipe fittings are butt-jointed by flanging, and the welding seam is beautiful and firm.

  • The outer coating is mechanically polished, and the weld seam is uniform.

  • Our skilled workers have more than 10 years of welding and related production experience.

  • High-quality ground false bottom installation method: special unloading hook, convenient for unloading and easy to clean;

  • led cold light, high brightness, low power consumption, long lasting, other manufacturers only use ordinary lamp beads;

  • Imported food-grade rubber hose is safe and firm.

  • Large waste grain door, reliable sealing, with hopper, convenient for discharging grain, and does not pollute the ground.

  • Mechanical pressure regulating valve: positive and negative pressure protection to ensure the safety of the tank.

  • After the installation of the production winery is completed, 24 water leakage tests and pressure tests are performed, and the pressure of the cooling jacket of the fermentation tank is tested for 24 hours.

  • Complete beer production line to meet the needs of different capacities and various beers

  • Customized machines can be provided (voltage, material, size, heat source, etc.)


500L fermenter specifications
Item Introduction
Volume 500L
Dimention 960*2350mm
Material Stainless Steel 304/ Red Copper
Insulation Polyurethane, TH: 80mm
Fermentation tank Glycol jacket: Dimpled jacket on the cone and side
Or single wall with jacketed,or single layer fermentor.
Head Double or single dish head on the top
Accessories Sample valve, pressure gauge, solenoid valve, pressure relief valve, racking arm, CIP arm and Blow off arm, dry hops port and so on.


Custom size stainless steel fermentation tank

Packaging and shipping
  • We have considered all the different potential situations in the delivery, so we will take all precautions to avoid any potential inconvenience or trouble.

  • Bulk cargo: standard wooden boxes, which can avoid any collision during sea or air transportation to prevent damage to our high-quality brewing system malt tank brewery, malt tank brewery beer.

  • Container cargo: high-quality brewing system saccharification tank brewery, the used saccharification tank beer will be firmly bound, and will not easily swing to the side or up or down.


Contact us

We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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