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500L Exquisite Copper Tank/Brewing Pot/Beer Equipment for Sale

This equipment is used to brew a variety of beers. Through the brewing equipment, the beer is more delicious. Our products are mainly used in homes, bars, hotels, restaurants and laboratories. If you need, we can provide it.
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Product Description

500L Exquisite Copper Tank

Before you inquire, please consider some questions
  • What heating method do you want? (Electricity, steam, direct fire)

  • What container winery do you want? (2 or 3 containers, the main difference is with or without hot water tank), or other requirements

  • How many fermentation tanks do you want? (Usually 6 fermentation tanks are standard configuration)

  • Do you need bright beer cans?

  • Where will you install it? (Bars, hotels, restaurants, homes or other places)

  • What materials are needed? (Stainless steel or copper)

  • If you are not sure, please don't worry, we can also make the best choice for you.


200L copper brewing equipment

Standard configuration

Main system Main parts Specifications
Milling system malt milling, 100kg/h

with motor,belt and belt pulley

Brewhouse system

mash/ lauter tank, 500L

kettle/ whirlpool tank, 500L

hot water tank(optional), 500L

wort pump,1m3/h

hot water pump(optional), 1m3/h

heat exchanger, 10m2

Stainless steel 304/ 316

Surface brushed, welding line polish sanding light belt; Top manhole

Mechanical agitation with frequency

Temperature sense probe

milled false bottom

2 or 3 vessels

Fermentation system

fermenters, 500L

yeast adding tank, 10L

Stainless steel 304/ 316

fermenters cone: 60 or 90 degree

conical vertical tank

Dimple type glycol cooling jacket

Top safety valve; Top manhole

With rotary CIP spray balls and arm

Temperature sensor; Sample valve

Mechanical pressure valve

Separate outlet for yeast and clear beer

Pressure gauge

Cooling system

glycol tank, 500L

chiller, 5HP

glycol pump, 1m3/h

Surface brushed,  thermal well

top round shape man-hole door

CIP system

sterilization tank, 1000L

alkali liquor tank, 1000L

CIP pump, 1m3/h

welding seams brushed

electric heating element(alk tank need)

stainless steel 304

Control system

control cabnient, assorted

DCS or PLC controller

power control

temperature display centrally

brewhouse manual control

fermentation tank separate control with digital controller

Heating methods



direct fire

electrical(220/ 380/ 440/ adjustable)

steam boiler


1500L copper wine making equipment

Beer brewing has the following processes

Mainly are three processes of saccharification, fermentation, and maturation after storage.

Raw material crushing: The malt and rice are respectively crushed by a crusher to a crushing degree suitable for saccharification operation.


Malt mash tank

Saccharification: Mix the crushed malt and starchy auxiliary materials with warm water in the gelatinization pot and the saccharification pot to adjust the temperature. The saccharification pot is first maintained at a temperature suitable for protein decomposition (45-52°C) (protein dormancy). After mixing the completely liquefied mash in the gelatinizing pot into the saccharifying pot, it is maintained at a temperature suitable for saccharification (β-starch and α-starch) (62-70°C) (saccharification ceases) to produce mash. There are two methods for increasing the temperature of wheat mash: leaching method and boiling method. The protein, saccharification rest time and temperature rise method are determined according to the nature of the beer, raw materials used, equipment, etc. After filtering out the wort with a filter tank or a filter, boil it in a boiling pot, add hops, and adjust to an appropriate wort concentration After that, it enters the whirling sedimentation tank to separate the hot coagulum, and the clarified wort enters the cooler to be cooled to 5-8°C.


Fermentation: The cooled wort is fed with yeast into a fermentation tank or a cylindrical cone-bottomed fermentor for fermentation, and the temperature is controlled by a coiled tube or jacket for cooling. During the following fermentation, the maximum temperature is controlled at 8-13°C. The fermentation process is divided into a foaming period, a high foaming period, and a low foaming period, and the fermentation is generally 5-10 days. The fermented beer is called tender beer, which is bitter, rough in taste, low in CO2, and unsuitable for drinking.


Optional stainless steel or copper fermentation tank

Post-fermentation: In order to make the tender beer mature, send it to the wine storage tank or continue to cool it to about 0℃ in the cylindrical cone-bottomed fermentation tank, adjust the pressure in the tank, and make CO2 dissolve into the beer. The storage period takes 1 to 2 months. During this period, the remaining yeast, condensate solids, etc. gradually settle, the beer is gradually clarified, the CO2 is saturated in the wine, the taste is mellow, and it is suitable for drinking.

Filtration: In order to make beer clarified and transparent as a commodity, beer is clarified and filtered at -1°C. The requirements for filtration are: large filtration capacity, good quality, less loss of wine and CO2, and does not affect the flavor of wine. Filtration methods include diatomite filtration, cardboard filtration, and microporous membrane filtration.


Copper distillation equipment

We have exported a large number of orders to foreign countries. And our company already has a good reputation in this field. Most of our customers are from South America, North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Ireland and Africa.


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We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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