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500L Conical Jacketed Fermentation Tanks Stainless Steel Fermenter Beer Brewing System Equipment

This tank is a vertical vessel for beer fermentation and maturation. Aerated, cooled to fermentation temperature wort is transferred to these tanks and yeast is added. About 2 hours after adding yeast to the wort, the yeast will use up all free oxygen and start converting the sugars in the wort into ethanol, carbon dioxide and heat. The main fermentation takes place at 9 - 12°C and is completed in 5 - 7 days.
  • DG-500L


Product Description

Conical Jacketed Fermentation Tanks

Capacity Nominal capacity plus 25%
Top Head ASME dished head (gauge varies based on tank diameter
Lifting Lugs (2) lifting lugs – minimum
CIP Removable CIP & fixed spray ball (180° up, 65mm) on 3” TC with 1½” TC line down to working height
Vent Line Only on tanks larger than 60HL

1½” or 2” TC vent line from top head to working height

Sidewall thickness & size varies based on tank size
Bottom Cone 55° to 60° cone angle, 2” knuckle radius to cone – thickness varies based on tank size
Cooling Jacket on sidewall and bottom cone – number of zones determined by tank size

Maximum “20” psi working pressure, 1” to 1½” FNPT inlet / outlet

Thermowell (2)½” FNPT 10” thermowells
PRV (1) 1½” to 2” TC Vacuum Pressure relief valve on top head or vent line tee.
Legs 4-5 pipe legs depending on tank size including bracing and adjustable feet
Insulation 2” insulation on sidewall and bottom cone only – minimum R12 value
Cladding All welded 14 gauge cladding on sidewall & bottom cone
Manway 14” x 18” side oval in/out swing “no lip” manway
Sample Valve 1” TC RSL Sample valve
Drain (1) 1½” or 2” TC butterfly valve c/w “J” pipe
Racking (1) 1½” or 2” TC butterfly valve
Tank Material All quality inspected 304 stainless steel alloy
Exterior Finish 2B with all welds ribbon polished
Interior Finish 2B with all welds TIG welded with heat stain removed
Tank Pressure Maximum “14.9” psi



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