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500L brewery brewing system with steam/electric manufactured by DEGONG plant

Available with either solid copper brewhouse vessels or polished stainless steel.Available with either electric or steam heating.
Brewhouse design with mash tun/lauter tun,brew kettle/whirlpool and auxiliary hot liquor tank.Skid-mounted brewhouse with pre-plumbed stainless steel hard piping for quick and easy installation.
manhole for fermenter:
Heating method:
  • DGET-500L


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Product Description
500L brewery plant brewing system manufactured by DEGONG 

We provide small and medium brewery equipment for brewers on home and abroad.

Each of the brewing machine we produce will be well welded, polished and tested before shipment.

Before you inquire, please confirm questions below:


Easy to install and operate brewing equipment with 500L useful volume

1-Capacities from 100 liter to 10000 liter brewery can be chosen, what capacity do you need, like 500L,1000L per batch?

2-What kind of heating method do you prefer, electric, steam or direct fired?

3-How many beer fermentation tanks do you need please?

4-Would you like some other equipment, such as bottle filling and capping machine, keg filling and cleaning machine, steam boiler, kegs....?

brewing system-min

Brewing brewery equipment

Brewing System Configuration:

1) Malt Milling System

1-Malt miller with the capacity 100kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 800kg/h and 1000kg/h.

2-Stainless steel 304 cover of the rolling crusher and alloy adjustable roller.

3-As per the layout, flexible auger will transfer the milled malt to the mash tun.

4-Motor of the miller and auger can be designed locally.

2) Brewhouse System

1-Insulated mash tun, lauter tun, boiling kettle and whirlpool vessels, or combined vessels.

2-Domed top design.

3-Hot liquor tank and cold liquor tank are recommend. HLT will be heated the same with brew kettle.

4-SUS304 for all the vessels, and copper cladding is also available.

5-Agitator for the mashing, rake system for the lauter, milled false bottom and tangent inlet design.

6-Independent control panel for the brewhouse system, PID or penumatic valves control.

7-Completely brewhouse platform.

8-All pipings for the whole system.

3) Beer Fermentation Tank

1-Cylindrically-Conical Tanks, SUS 304 material conical cylindrical tank with insulation.

2-Dimple cooling jacket for ice water or glycol.

3-Pickled and passivated for inner surface.

4-Top or side manway, shadowless.

5-Dry hopping and release valve on the top.

6-Pressure gauge, sample valve, temperature sensor, spray ball, thermometer, racking arm.

4) Beer Filtration

1-Candle type, plate frame type are available.

2-Diatomite power provide.

5) Beer Conditioning Tank

1-Serving tank, storage tank, BBT – Bright beer tank

2-Dimple cooling jacket for ice water or glycol.

3-Pickled and passivated for inner surface.

4-Side man way, shadowless.

5-Cabonation stone, level gauge for beer storage.

6-Pressure gauge, sample valve, temperature sensor, spray ball, thermometer.

7-Horizontal type are available.

6) Cooling System

1-Freon 404.

2-Insluated ice water tank/glycol tank.

3-cold liquor pumps connected the chiller and tanks.

4-Automatic control for the chiller and liquor pumps.

5-Stainess steel or PPR pipelines with insulation.

7) Control System

1-PID system or PLC system are available.

2-Independent control panel for the brew house system, Auto control for the motors and pumps.

3-Independent control for the chiller pump and fermentors. Auto control.

4-Penumatic valves are available.

8) Kegging Line

1-Double station Keg filling line and keg washing machine, 60-100kegs per hour.

2-Combained filler & washer, 30-50kegs per hour.

3-Europe standard and US standard stainless steel kegs.

9) Support System

1-Steam generator, electricity or direct fire heated.

2-Soft water treatment for the generator.

3-RO water treatment for the brewery.

4-CIP system for the brewhouse and beer tanks.

5-Air compressor.


 Mash tun,kettle and hot liquor tank in our plant workshop

 top name brand control

Control systen for mashing and fermenting

Ready to ship the brewery equipment

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In our excellent collection of brewing equipment, we offer our clients premium quality Microbrewery Equipment. This brewery equipment is well-manufactured by the use of premium quality components, basic material and sophisticated technology. 

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