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500L-5000L Copper Vodka Distiller Gin Distillation Equipment DEGONG Manufacturer

A "distiller" is an instrument used to perform distillation. There are two basic types: pot distiller and column distiller. The pot is still the basic traditional model, the column is still more industrialized, complex, and able to hold a larger volume. Broadly speaking, tank stills are used to produce fuller spirits—whether in taste or body—and column distilled spirits are used to produce purer, lighter, and cleaner spirits.
  • DEGONG-2000L


Product Description

500L-5000L Copper Vodka Distiller

  • Spirits: vodka, whiskey, brandy, rum, health.

  • Heating: steam system

  • Custom size

  • Swirl finish, satin finish or mirror finish

  • Static pot: 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L.

  • Port material: copper, SUS 304

  • Motor: 0.75kw, 1.1kw 2kw

  • Copper Gooseneck

  • Copper pillar board

  • Equipped with Siemens control system

  • Top agitator-explosion-proof agitator motor

  • Explosion-proof pump

  • CIP cleaning pump and all necessary SS CIP cleaning pipes

  • Safety valve, glass manhole, sight glass



Although the central goal of distillation is to extract alcohol, an equally important task is to navigate homologues. The distiller needs to retain what they want and remove what they don't want (and in the correct amount) to achieve the flavor profile they want. They cannot simply pick their favorites. The homologues are present in different parts of the distillation batch, the "run" part. The brewer selects congeners by keeping some parts of the run and discarding (or recycling) other parts. So distillation is not true flavor creation, but flavor separation.

Column distiller

The design is quite clever, much more complicated than the pot still. As you might have guessed, the columnar stills are composed like pillars. Inside the column is a series of perforated plates-usually made of copper-spaced like steps in a ladder. Each of these plates is essentially a small distiller that can filter out congeners as the alcohol vapor passes through. Essentially, a row of stills is like several stacked tank stills.

Flexible production of various spirits

The column distiller can not only be used to make large-volume spirits. There are many complex and strong spirits, such as bourbon and Armagnac. Like the tank distiller, the column distiller is fully customizable, some have multiple columns, some have only one. For stronger spirits that fall off at the lower ABV, there may only be 4-6 plates in a row. For the purest and highest ABV spirit, it will be 50-60.


Spirits usually made in the column



Lighter rum.

Grain whiskey used to blend Scotch, Canadian and Irish whiskey.

Most large American whiskies-bourbon and rye whiskey.


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