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500L 380V/220V 60HZ Power Supply Stainless Steel Beer Equipment

Beer hotel beer brewing equipment is an ideal choice for shops, barbecues, and restaurants to brew beer for customers on-site. Its stable performance, simple operation, greatly improves the control ability, not only ensures the excellent quality and pure taste of the beer, but also saves unnecessary management costs.
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Product Description

500L Stainless Steel Beer Equipment

The 500L hotel draft beer machine is a set of beer craft equipment. Brewing masters make their beer attractive to consumers with their unique brewing technology and unique beer taste. If needed, they can be placed directly in beer consumption places: restaurants, bars, bars, hotels, tourism and shopping centers. In addition to stainless steel, it can also face polished brass and copper. In addition, the micro brewery is placed behind a glass partition, allowing visitors to observe the beer making process. This is an excellent interior design solution and powerful marketing tool.


1. Malt

Particle Adjustable Rolling Crusher

Flexible or steel screw auger optional

2. 500L brewery unit


Various combinations of barrels, filter barrels, boiling kettles, whirlpool barrels, special combinations for hot water tanks and cold water tanks

Precise design of brewing method for infusion or decoction

Stainless steel or copper cladding is very popular

Two-stage or single-stage heat exchanger for wort cooling

All stainless steel integrated working platform

Hygienic and efficient wort pump

All pipes and fittings


3. 500L or 1000L fermentation device

Standard stainless steel cone-shaped cylindrical fermentation tank

Single size is commonly used in restaurants as breweries

The number of tanks is accurately calculated according to the fermentation cycle of various beers

All manholes, valves, pressure gauges, accessories, etc. are included


4. Beer filter unit (optional)

In restaurants or bars, beer is always used as craft beer without filtering

5. 500 liter or 1000 liter bright tank unit

Standard stainless steel bright tank for beer maturation, conditioning, service and carbonation

Single-size fermentation tanks are usually used in restaurants or bars

The number of cans is accurately calculated for various beers and functions

All manholes, valves, stones, meters, accessories, etc. are included


6. Cooling device

Insulated glycol water tank, with or without copper coil, used for glycol liquid holding and mixing

High-efficiency cooler or refrigerator, with fryer to provide cooling energy

Sanitary centrifugal pump, used to circulate glycol water between tank and heat exchanger

All pipes, fittings, insulation materials are included

7. Control unit

Electric control cabinet with temperature, saccharification

Room switch control, electrical control cabinet with temperature, switch control of cooling components

Temperature controllers, thermocouples, solenoid valves, etc. all include

PLC with touch screen panel to meet special requirements

8. Beer distribution

Beer distribution column and faucet for direct beer service

Barrel filling and washing machine

Manual bottling machine for personal use

9. Other facilities

Portable CIP system for cleaning tanks

Steam boiler for heating in breweries for brewing

Water treatment

Oil-free air compressor


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