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50 Tons of Top Industrial Water-cooled Chillers, Air-cooled Module Chillers

The chiller uses a wind-side V-type heat exchanger, with a single unit capacity from 30kW to 250kW. Power chillers are divided into PS and PS-LA series components according to their operating environment temperature range and internal temperature. PS-LA series are products with low ambient temperature cooling function. The PS series is a product with a working environment temperature upper limit of 52°C in cooling mode, which can cope with the hottest climate.
  • 50 Tons of Top Water Chillers


Product Description

50 Tons of Top Water Chillers

Power Supply
Cooling Capacity
Heating Capacity
Compressor Type
Fixed Scroll
Fan Motor Type
AC Motor
  • Wide range of applications

The cooling capacity ranges from 30kW to 250kW, and the maximum capacity of combined models can reach 2000kW.

Free combination with fan coil unit and air handling unit. Project owners can choose the best type according to their design taste (indoor) or functional requirements.

  • High performance heat exchanger

The newly designed window fins expand the heat exchange area, reduce air resistance, save energy, and improve heat exchange performance.

Hydrophilic membrane fins and internally threaded copper tubes optimize heat exchange efficiency.

The specially coated blue fins enhance durability, prevent corrosion by air, water and other corrosive substances, and ensure a longer coil life.

  • Tube-in-tube shell and tube heat exchanger

The internally threaded copper tube increases the heat exchange area and improves efficiency.

The anti-corrosion shell increases the service life of the heat exchanger.

  • Alternate cycle work

In a combined module, all slaves work alternately to maintain the same running time, to achieve higher stability, better reliability and longer service life. For example, the combination of five modules, No. 1 is the master, and the others are slaves.

  • Easy control

The touch button remote controller is used as a standard accessory to control the chiller.

  • Remote control function for easy operation

There are ON/OFF, Heat/Cool and Alarm terminal ports. Connecting the switch through these terminal ports can easily realize the remote control function.

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