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5 HP Air Direct Drive IBC Tote Mixer with Bracket Mount

Durable, lightweight and modular design, it is suitable for IBC handbags of various viscosities and almost all brands. High-quality materials provide support against bending and torsional loads. They are easy to install and disassemble, and the same frame and installation can be used for multiple tank capacities.
  • 5 HP IBC Tote Mixer


Product Description

5 HP IBC Tote Mixer

  • Motor Type :  Pneumatic

  • Motor Horsepower : 5.2 HP

  • Motor Torque Output : 10 ft.lb

  • Mixer speed : 0-2500 RPM( speed adjustable)

  • Air Motor requirement : 80 psi compress air

  • Impeller Shaft: stainless steel 304, 3/4″ OD, 34″ long

  • Impeller Type : Folded

  • Impeller Material : Stainless Steel 304

  • Impeller Size : 16″

  • Bracket Mount 40-42″ wide, will fit 275 gallon, 330 gallon IBC


SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L

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Pharmaceutical processing, chemical processing, plastic processing, food processing

Applicable industry

Building materials stores, manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, food and beverage plants, energy mining, advertising companies


  • The host is equipped with explosion-proof motors; safe, explosion-proof, good quality, strong driving force, stable operation and long service life.

  • The connecting rod and the blade are fixed by screws; change to a simple one; simple; fast and convenient

  • Connecting rods and mixing blades are treated with genuine SUS304 stainless steel polishing materials; they will never rust

  • No static electricity, sparks, no heat generated after long-term operation

  • Using compressed air as power, no sparks, explosion-proof, safe and reliable

  • Pneumatic freely, save effort; reduce labor intensity

  • Stepless speed regulation; forward and reverse rotation can be realized

  • Optional electronic tachometer, charging power supply, no need to replace the battery

  • Equipped with four wheels; easy to move; easy and comfortable; the other has a brake component; the operation can be fixed

Packaging and shipping

In order to be a clear production cost, payment must actually control production; otherwise, it is considered another type of expense. So we must face every problem, packaging is the last step in sales. We often pack according to customer requirements.

Our strength

  • Import advanced machinery to manufacture high-performance products.

  • R&D team with many years of experience to provide the best design

  • Reasonable price, punctual delivery, and 24-hour after-sales telephone service

  • Diversified products to help customers with one-stop purchase

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