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400L Gin Whiskey Alcohol Distillation Equipment Copper Distillery Distillation Machine

The 400-liter copper jug is used to blend spirits, including gin or whiskey. It can be burned with steam, gas, electricity or wood. Easy-to-use CIP cleaning system and automatic standstill control. The perfect starting size for the new spirits enterprise.
  • DEGONG-400L


Product Description

Gin Whiskey Distillation Machine

Pear-shaped helmet with thermometer and inspection glass

Copper pot-Ø 900 mm; 3-4 mm strong,

Filling capacity 400 liters

The full capacity is about 500 liters

Inlet Ø 400 mm

Side-mounted dedicated distillation tower

Outlet Ø 200 mm with ball valve 4″

Newly constructed plates to enhance the quality of the aroma

The water bath is completely made of stainless steel and insulated

Special-shaped helmet: with stainless steel flange connection, no visible screws or washers inside and outside, with observation mirror and thermometer.

Indirect heating: a steam bath covered with stainless steel and insulated.

Copper super aromatics (special distillation tower) 450 mm Ø with 3 bubble caps

Blister: a new structure that increases the turbulent movement of the copper surface and the liquid

The liquid level on the distillation tray can be adjusted freely-the alcohol content and aroma of the distilled mash can be flexibly adjusted. Include a pre-condenser (fractionator) in the column head

Inspection mirror: 4 125mm Ø observation windows for each blister and saccharification reflux

Stainless steel condenser: V4A material, diameter 220mm, height 1500mm, automatic cooling with thermostatic regulating valve

Safety features: overflow, vacuum circuit breaker, pressure gauge, automatic exhaust, steam trap and dirt filter. Outflow device of alcohol pipe, distilled water and water device: completely made of stainless steel.

Heating method: steam, gas, wood or electricity


CIP cleaning system

  • With stainless steel cleaning syringe inside the helmet and rotating in the pot (customer provides pressurized hot water)

  • Forced pump

  • The stainless steel cleaning syringe in the pot (rotating),

  • Booster (one for each boiling plate, fractionator, mash return pipe)

  • Indexable cycle cleaning


Winery monitoring

  • Electronic distillation control system with touch screen 1 measuring point in the alcohol production line

  • Sound signals at the beginning of the head, the beginning of the tail, and the end of the distillation

  • Connection port for digital transmission

  • Fraction and blending calculator


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