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4000L Industrial Beer Brewery Equipment Brewery Tanks for Stout Red Beer Production Near Me

Industry brewery equipment/beer brewing plant capacity is a little larger than brewery equipment.And their beers are always sold on shelf in bottles or cans.The complete setup of industrial beer plant is equipped with advanced technology and specifications.our products enable to do milling,mashing,fermentation,filtration,filling and other related process.
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  • DGET-4000L

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Product Description

4000L industrial beer brewery equipment overview


the chain-disk auger can transport the malt at low noise levels, across long distances and horizontally and vertically (90 degrees) through tight angles without damaging the grains.

it has a “precision adjustment” feature that will give us a high extract yield efficiency, providing further cost savings. The malt is then fed into another chain-disk auger system, which then delivers it to our mash tuns as required.

malt millers


The mash tun we've chosen has a nominal capacity of 4000L, which has been designed to handle a larger grain bill, with additional head space to allow us to brew higher gravity beers with ease. It is steam-jacket heated and fitted with an automatic strike water and sparge water temperature controller with flow meters, to allow for accurate and repeatable mashing and sparging.


The lauter tun with a removable stainless-wire false bottom for effective grain separation. Our lauter tun has a gear motor-propelled rake and grain plow for the removal of spent grain and for fine cutting the bed. It also has multiple inlet spray jets, which will improve run-off clarity by clearing grain particles from under the plates and helping to create a floating mash. Another feature is a multiple wort drain ring system, to prevent channelling of the wort.

These are all easily removable for periodic disassembly and deep soak cleaning. And high efficiency LED interior lighting will let us see what’s going on in the tank via a tempered glass man-way.


The lauter tun then feeds the clear wort into one of our two combined kettle-whirlpools, which are steam jacketed with individual zone control for efficient heating. Having two vessels allows us to increase our output – while one kettle is boiling, we can be filling the other with the next batch, which means more frequent knock-outs and therefore, more beer brewed in a day! Being able to produce exceptionally clear wort is very important when brewing clean-tasting, shelf stable beers.


750BW 细节-min

750 BW细节-min

750 BW细节2-min

Details of brewhouse system



The fermentation tanks are all 304 SS TIG weld construction and polished to a sanitary interior finish. They’re pressure tested to 30PSI and fitted with pressure/vacuum relief valves to protect them. They also have 4 reinforced stainless steel legs, to help take the weight when the tanks are full.

Rotating racking arms allow for increased yield. On the front and top there are shadow-less man-ways for cleaning and dry-hopping and the top man-way has a UV-protected tempered sight glass for inspection.

750 FV2-min

750 FV细节-min

750 FV细节-min

If you have interest, please feel free to contact me.

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