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2000L Cold Liquor Tank Cold Water Supply for Cooling Wort

The cold liquid tank is used to cool the cellar tank and the wort from the plate heat exchanger to the fermentation tank. The cold water tank can also receive cold water from the plate heat exchanger. The cold water storage tank is welded with a cooling jacket and insulating materials.
  • DEGONG-2000L
Product Description

2000L Cold Liquor Tank

Product Specification

Storage Capacity 100L-10000 L
Tank Orientation Horizontal
Material Stainless Steel
Max pressure 100-150 psi
Surface Finish Polished
Shape Round

Tank capacity: 2000L (minimum +10% headspace)

Inner shell: SUS304 fully welded; TH=3mm

Shell: SUS304 fully welded; TH=2mm

Internal finish: Hygienic 2B finish, pickling and passivation; (Mirror finish is optional)

Exterior decoration: oil brushed finish (2B, mirror finish is optional)

The interior is fully polished to 0.4~0.6 μm without dead ends

High-density polyurethane foam insulation; TH=80mm

Glycol Sheath: Dimple plates on the bottom and sides

Conical top and conical bottom

Manhole installed on top of stainless steel

Top mounted 360° covering CIP spray ball and port TC

Glass level c/w sample valve

Thermowells for high-precision temperature sensors

Circulating water inlet TC

Water inlet TC with end cap

Overflow TC Outlet TC

And arm with butterfly valve

4 full SUS304 heavy duty tripods with horizontal pads

Water inlet with check valve

High and low liquid level sensor ports and solenoid valves are optional


Product details


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Packaging and delivery

  • The main beer brewing tanks, fermentation tanks and total package saccharification system are first packaged with plastic film and then with steel frame.

  • All beer brewing spare parts, accessories and accessories will be packed in cartons and crates.

  • All items are protected by soft packaging.

  • Each part of the entire brewing system will be labeled.

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