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400 Gallon(1500L)Copper Distillery Vodka Distillation Equipment Supplier

Quality is the foundation of every enterprise. All the materials we use are 100% stainless steel and food grade copper. We can provide you with products with competitive advantages. We make your money more valuable! We have a professional design team, so customization is allowed, and we can also produce according to your drawings.
  • DEGONG-1500L


Product Description

Vodka Distillation Equipment Supplier


We can according to your needs, with any size boiler or column diameter. The column and condenser can be made of copper or stainless steel according to your needs.

  • Pot body material: stainless steel 304, copper or a combination of stainless steel 304 and copper

  • A blender with a long, heavy blade for mashing and cooking

  • Explosion-proof motors

  • Steam heating, electric heating (direct and indirect type)

  • Large glass manhole

  • Various custom copper whiskey heads

  • Large-size shell and tube condenser, stainless steel 304 or copper

  • Inner pot, jacket pressure reducing valve and pressure gauge

  • PU insulation

  • Three-clamp butterfly valve on drain pipe

  • CIP, whiskey head and condenser in the pot

  • Stainless steel or copper parrot

  • You can choose between the stainless steel stand on the floor or the stainless steel column of the condenser with bolts.

  • Inner mirror polishing

  • Swirl pattern on the outside, satin treatment or mirror polishing on the outside

  • CIP pump and CIP manifold are optional


Distillation process

All spirits go through at least two processes-fermentation and distillation. Fermentation is where all the alcohol is produced, and distillation is where the alcohol is separated and removed. In order to ferment, two things are required: a liquid raw material containing sugar, and then yeast is added. Yeast is a living organism that feeds on sugar. The by-products of this consumption are alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ).

A simple fermentation formula is:

Yeast + sugar = alcohol + C0 2

Distillation is essentially a process of separating a liquid made from two or more parts into smaller parts of the desired purity by adding and reducing heat from the mixture. The distilled vapor/liquid will separate other components with lower boiling points. Distilled wine is produced from agricultural raw materials, such as grapes, other fruits, sugar cane, molasses, potatoes, grains, etc.

Distillation is an art that requires mastering many different factors: the choice of grain or fruit, the water used, the yeast, the climate in which the beverage is produced, the shape of the jug, the choice of barrel, the time spent in the barrel (for those products that have matured) ), mixed recipes-all of these define the specific style and ultimate flavor of your favorite spirits!


Our service

Pre-sale service

  • 1. Provide free production, craftsmanship and technical guidance.

  • Company qualification certificate and drawings can be provided.

  • We can also customize products according to customer needs.

After-sales service

  • We provide long-term after-sales service.

  • Since the price of our equipment is FOB, the cost of on-site service is not included. Therefore, if necessary, we can appoint our technicians to debug the machine and provide the air tickets, visas, accommodation and labor costs provided by you. Or you can send your technicians to our company to learn technology.

  • At the same time, since we have a dedicated after-sales service line, you can consult related issues by phone or email. Or you can communicate online and solve problems.


Contact us

A wide range of models can meet the various requirements of each market and ensure that you can always find a solution that suits you. If you want to know more detailed information about our equipment, please contact us.

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